Lateline Business rebrands as The Business

ABC's Lateline Business will be rebranded as The Business, presented by Ticky Fullerton.

From tonight ABC’s Lateline Business will be rebranded as The Business, presented by Ticky Fullerton.

Gaven Morris, head of continuous news, tells The Australian: “The Business is returning to the Lateline Business slot as an improved but very similar show. We may make some changes to the program after it gets going, including more live content.

“But we’ll see how it goes. The time slot will certainly continue.”

Some staff fear the new program is an interim measure and will be moved to ABC News 24 after a three-month stint.

Meanwhile Alan Kohler’s Inside Business on Sunday is dropping its stories in favour of an Insiders-style panel discussion.

The Business premieres at 8:30pm on ABC News 24 and replays at 11pm on ABC1.

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  1. Ticky was going so fast last night I thought she must have had a drink before hand. But no, its the new format…. Some producer must have decided that speaking fast would equate to “gripping” the audience. Unfortunately not.

    I stuck with the program last night out of loyalty for the excellent show that I have watched for the past few years. However as an earlier comment in this thread mentioned, I am already up to date with the news. I already have google news, direct access to reuters, news 24, newspapers and real-time satellite news feeds via my PC, iphone and TV.

    What the old ABC programme format offered was real time Australian Business news analysis that was not overly opinionated.

    I find it interesting to note that The Business now appears to be choosing to remove their unique selling point.

  2. Good point Stan I didn’t think of that. It needs something though because when you see The Business in the TV Guide or EPG, it looks like the title of a show, not a round up of business related material.

  3. The only problem I have with this refreshed program is the title. The Business sounds like it wants to mock the corporate world, not report on it. Yet, I understand why they wanted a name change because now it’s pretty much a News24 program that is simply repeated on ABC1, thus, having little connection to Lateline anymore. Besides, nothing that airs live at 8:30pm AEDT, let alone, 5:30pm WST, should have ‘late’ in its title.

    But with Australia Network’s Business Today returning to ABC1 & News24 from Monday morning, it would’ve been a good opportunity to co-brand with them. Business Tonight, anyone??

  4. Very ordinary title that adds nothing. In fact it now loses something. Lateline Business at least connected it with Lateline. Be interesting to see how a panel set up goes on Inside Business. While some of the one on one interviews went a bit too long, I loved some of the extended stories – very good journalism. Can’t wait for The Insiders/Inside Bus/Offsiders – great Sunday morning viewing.

  5. Oh well…. I liked the old format. I found yesterdays episode to be too weird – it felt like Ticky was rushing through the news, the interviews, speaking far too fast like she was on a mission. I also felt Martin Laikos was pushed through too fast too. A bit uncomfortable to watch. I wonder what will happen when they get someone like Grant O Brien to discuss the Woolies results – will it be an intereview or a fast paced grilling?

    I guess they are trying to make it “edgy” but i think this has detracted significantly from the overall show. I liked to sit back at either 830, or more likely 11 or so to digest what has happened during the day and think about what has been discussed. By that time I am sure everyone who has an interest in getting the figures and fast facts would already have followed the days trade online or watched Alan Kohler. It’s like the difference betweeen the 7pm news and lateline – by that time you know generally what’s happened in the day but you watch to see a but more detail. ABC news 24 already has lots of regular updates so The Business should not try to fit into that category.

    Maybe I am the only one who actually watched this show last year, but hey I though it was good. I’ll give it a chance or the rest of the week see how it pans out.

  6. BTW another name could be The Business Report because I miss The 7.30 Report and it would be an even better name as it honours another show too. Though Lateline Business was perfectly fine.

  7. @ marc

    Does that mean you think Andrew Bolt or someone like him will be informative and more illuminating in any discussions they take part in? I do acknowledge if you have someone that knows something on the show then I do think it can be interesting and informative. Too bad most of the time panel discussions has an abusive person and/or someone that’s ill-informed or biased that just dumb downs any discussions. That’s why I avoid The Insiders and mainly The Drum. Because except when there is a Chaser or Dr Karl and/or maybe a journalist (some of them are questionable too: often the print ones ) then it’s mostly worthless. I’ll admit I like Lateline with its one-on-one interviews with someone that knows something. Usually not politicians and politically biased commentators. There can be exceptions like the independents as they say things as they see it. Not the latest PR rubbish.

  8. the business? Really? What on earth was wrong with Lateline Business? Cue hilarious scenes in households of teenagers asking their parents if they are watching the business. Did they tape the business? Do they like the business. Has ABC comedy and light entertainment been put in charge of naming shows?

  9. Dear A.

    For some kinds of content pacakges and reports greatly enhance the understadning of the area. Business is not one of those areas. A panel set-up will make it alot more personable and accesible. you watch business news because you want insight and context – not for the illuminating footage.

  10. Why do they need another ridiculous change of name a la The 7.30 Report? If they were to do it then I suggest Business News if it’s not taken. The Business sounds like a show about showbusiness and even better there’s a gangster film called “The Business” . Is that an accidental or intentional message? 😀

    I guess Inside Business will be less informative with a panel style format. As Hillary Clinton pointed out that Al Jazeera English is rather good. And the reason is they rely on journalists to go get the story instead on meaningless philosophical discussions aimed at being cheap and often idiotic. Just there to fill time; not to be helpful. Oh well.

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