Movie Network Channels’ offers a free fortnight

Movie Network Channels will be available free to all Foxtel and Austar subscribers for two weeks.

Good news! Movie Network Channels will be free to all Foxtel and Austar subscribers from 19 February – 4 March, 2012.

This includes Movie One, Movie Two, Starpics 1, Starpics 2, FMC, Movie Extra, Movie Greats.

Ahead of the 5th season launch of Mad Men on Thursday April 12, Movie Extra will replay Season 4 every night from Tuesday 20 February after the 8.30pm movie.

It also means viewers will be able to see the third episode of Conspiracy 365 on Saturday March 3rd.

Excitingly, there is also access to the live screening of the Academy Awards on February 27th.

This isn’t the first time Movie Network has offered free access at this time of year.

See you at the movies.

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  1. I’ll second Scotty’s call – I have Foxtel on my Xbox but I only subscribe to one of the movie packages as I don’t get to spend enough time watching it. Would be nice to be able to check out the channels on the other package for free for a week or two.

  2. This is as ‘Free’ as the useless GSM mobile on a $49 a month plan and the Upgrade to Mystar at whatever a month it costs to have the HD channels. Big deal Austar………………..The Only thing I have ever had free in 15 years is a plastic cover for the Monthly Guide.

  3. That’s correct CD,and the odd rare time through out the year it can happen as well for Showtime as well.To my knowledge there is no refund but if you want you could change your package for the month.

  4. I’m pretty sure they’ve done this the last 2 years at least, so all Foxtel/Austar subscribers can see Tropfest (Movie Extra has been the major sponsor the last few years) & the Oscars. We have Showtime but not Movie Network, but have been able to watch those channels at that time of year ever since we’ve had Foxtel (3 years).

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