Nine wins final week of 2011, TEN falls to fourth place.

The Nine Network is starting 2012 on a positive note, by winning the last week of 2011 ratings.

The win becomes its second victory in summer ratings, having won the preceding week over Seven.

But it’s bad news for TEN’s CEO on his first day heading the network, losing the week to the ABC.

Nine finished the week comfortably, with 29.8% over Seven 27.3%, ABC 19.8%, TEN 16.3% and SBS 6.8%.

While the New Year’s Eve fireworks topped the week with 1.26m viewers, Nine was in front all week, only losing Friday night to Seven. It was helped by First Test Cricket, The Big Bang Theory and Nine News.

Nine’s primary channel was 21.1% over Seven 19.0%, ABC1 15.0%, TEN 10.2% and SBS1 5.6%.

In Multichannels GO! led with 4.9% over 7TWO 4.7%, GEM 3.8%, ELEVEN 3.6%, 7mate 3.5%, ABC2 2.7%, ONE 2.5%, ABC News 24 1.4%, SBS2 1.2%, ABC3 0.7%.

Nine also smashed the demos 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54.

TEN’s week was abysmal with its biggest audience being TEN News¬†at just 553,000 viewers at #43 for the week. No other programme cracked the 500,000 mark. ABC bettered TEN on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Has the result even been so bleak?

Nine won Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane with Seven still first in Adelaide and Perth.


  1. Why on earth didn’t James Warbuton just be patient at Seven? Ten is a complete mess and James’ background is sales not programming. Sadly, however he’s got nothing much to sell. There is not nearly enough drama being commissioned. Just say the audience begins to tire of Masterchef? Then what is James Warbuton going to sell? FTA TV will be a crazy and volatile business in 2012.

  2. I don’t have anything to add about the TEN situation – suffice to say their position is bleak.

    The real story from these results is ABC News 24. At the start of 2011 its weekly average ratings were around 0.4% to 0.5%. Durin g the course of the year their weekly average has crept up to around 0.7% to 0.8%. Now, in the summer we have 1.4% for the week (though this probably will not be maintained into the ratings season.)

    Whilst they are starting from a very low base, any channel that has managed to double its ratings is doing something right. I think it is quite likely that they will supress ONE this year and become something of a player in the ratings war.

  3. Ten had a terrible week, and a bad year all up, Hopefully for this week, Ten’s share improves, with One’s share hopefully improving the network – thanks to the Hopman Cup (tennis) rating well enough…. hopefully

  4. I’m not sure if the numbers for 7 will mean much in the coming year. Most nights they have been making do with movies, while Nine has been trotting out their usual re-run standbys. Either way news aside I haven’t been watching much FTA in the last month. Finally been catching up on my DVDs.

  5. Ten have never had a good summer schedule. This year is worse but they obviously have nothing in the cupboard except those same movies they keep repeating over and over again…. With no one watching it is going to be a struggle launching those new programs. I think nine and seven will be too hard to beat this year…

  6. Oztvheritage(YouTube channel)

    Gary. One network shows the fireworks as the price of the broadcast rights helps pay for the fireworks show.
    As for Ten. Wow. a figure like this has been coming for weeks.

  7. Ten is an absolute mess, how they think Graham Norton will help is beyond me – cupboard is fairly empty, 7 and now 9 have both worked out the formula 10 had and are absolutely carving 10 up – its going to be a very long hard year!

  8. Not surprising considering Nine had Cricket and Fireworks. Nine usually win the 2 weeks during Christmas and good on them but it won’t last. January usually see’s Seven take the reigns back with the tennis. Seven and Nine look set to continue to battle it out in 2012 while TEN looks like its going to be cancelled at this rate and who knows ABC could overhaul it.

  9. Its only summer. Things will change in the coming weeks. Seven is about to kick off with the tennis and i am sure that if Sam Stosur makes it through to the 2nd week of the Australian Open then its going to rate accordingly.

    TEN you are goners in 2012. I can’t see you doing any better than 2011. Unless Warburton can do something to get the viewers to flock to TEN then the network is all but DOA for 2012.

    Great photo David. I watched the entire coverage muted after the first 5 minutes except for when the fireworks were actually on. Couldn’t stand either of the hosts last night. So up themselves. It was good coverage of the fireworks though but then i found out that Main Event not Nine were the ones who put the coverage of the actual fireworks together so not surprised. I still don’t get why all networks can’t cover the fireworks. They do it in America where everyone covers NYC etc so why not here?

    Bring on 2012 and a year where nothing changes…

  10. Ten= The Extinct Network.
    They are really struggling. Get your act together TEN!
    Nice work Nine. Losing 1 night a week is a bit rare for them considering their arch-rival was in the same position several weeks ago.

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