Returning: American Dad, Family Guy.

Seth McFarlane fans get ready for Monday night madness on 7mate.

Updated: American Dad returns to 7mate soon, with new episodes to air from 9pm Tuesday February 14.

“Hot Water”
A stressed-out Stan gets into a car accident with Principal Lewis, and winds up doubled over in back pain. Principal Lewis insists Stan purchase a hot tub to loosen his back up. Although he’s cautioned against it, Stan winds up purchasing a used hot tub from the ‘70s, which seems to speak to him. 

It will be followed by two new episodes of Family Guy at 9:30pm, episodes one and three from Season 10.

Not quite sure what’s happened to episode two….

“Lottery Fever.”
Money is tight for the Griffins, and Lois suggests living on a strict budget. When the Powerball lottery prize reaches $150 million, however, Peter blows their savings on thousands of lottery tickets, even taking out a second mortgage on the house. The family is shocked when they do indeed win the lottery and become millionaires. 

“Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q.”
When Quagmire is late for a fishing trip, Peter and Joe find that he’s autoerotically asphyxiated himself while watching clown porn. They rush him to the hospital. Quagmire’s sister Brenda and her abusive boyfriend Jeff come to visit him, and stay with him during his recovery… much to Jeff’s displeasure; but then, everything Brenda does seems to send Jeff into a rage, usually ending in bruises and black eyes for Brenda. 

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  1. Why are there no new eps of American Dad and Family Guy? The last new American Dad was “Virtual In-Stanity”. There are currently 9 other episodes from the series that have aired in the US.

    The last Family Guy was called “”Thanksgiving”. There are currently 11 other episodes from the series that have aired in the US.

    I’m sick of channel 7 doing this. Channel 11 air all the eps together, in fact they aired new episodes of The Simpsons on Wednesday which only first aired in the US on Sunday.

  2. Why are we missing out on episode two, in this day and age when people are downloading you’d think they’d want people to watch it on TV and James, it doesn’t matter if you think it’s a bad episode, other people might think it’s good, funnily enough it’s called an opinion.

  3. I think episode two ‘Seahorse Seashell Party’ will be shown the following week, as it was actually storyline which ran through one night on Fox with Family Guy, American Dad and Cleveland Show. I guess Seven might want to show the FG and AD episodes together at some point.

  4. Considering Brian eats magic mushrooms, hallucinates and cuts off his own ear, I guess it’s just safer to skip episode two. It’s a pretty bad episode anyway, so no one is missing any moments of hilarity.

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