Returning: Bondi Vet, Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation

Bondi Vet returns with new episodes 8pm Tuesday January 31.

Chris is called to a house in Bondi for a turtle emergency. The little fellow was found in the fangs of a resident pooch; later, Chris helps out with testing the racehorses before the big race.

This season will also include caring for more animals beyond Bondi itself.

Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation is back for its fourth season on TEN at 8pm Wednesday 1st February.

First guests include Mary Coustas, Stephen K (I assume that’s Stephen K. Amos) and Jodi Gordon.

The show runs for 70 minutes.


  1. Cameron Collins

    I believe episode 1 was filmed this week and the energy was ‘electric’.
    Ten are trying hard to be a little different (not revolutionary, just different) with their starting times on the hour, I don’t mind it.
    If they didn’t have reality stripped, they could start their first primetime shows at 7pm (Glee, TAYG, etc).
    Actually maybe they should have done that, and stripped reality at 8?

  2. What I don’t understand is why ten just didn’t split 1 ep of losernin half and play it 5 nights a week. Then they could air shows at 7.30 ie. glee and generation. Then ten couldnl play either bondi rescue, rules, bondi vet, recruits, mondern family repeats at 8 after 1 hour Eps of loser.

  3. I thought Shaun was leaving? When did they film these? I haven’t heard anything about this! Steven K Amos is in the country this week surely it wasnt filmed this week?

    I think this could be its last season if they dont change it up a bit, get rid of Josh Thomas for a start.

  4. program start times on the hour are ridiculous. the stripped reality should be kept to half an hour on most nights, a more succinct edition would probably rate better as well. as a result ten’s offerings later in the evening are sure to suffer, viewers will tune in to other stations whose programs have started earlier.

  5. Tasmanian de√il

    I haven’t seen a single promo for Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Gen, I assumed it wasn’t starting until mid-year. Ten really has no clue right now.

  6. Did Ten acquire some ABC News 24 programmers i.e. the ones that think hour shows should start on the hour during prime time? Makes you wonder if they could reduce the ratings to Ch 24 prime time levels. I’ll admit I don’t think it’ll be that bad. But I’m no expert.

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