Returning: Desperate Housewives, How I Met Your Mother.

New seasons of both Desperate Housewives and How I Met Your Mother are returning to Seven.

How I Met Your Mother is back with double episodes 9:45pm Monday January 30th.

“The Best Man / The Naked Truth”
While Barney prepares for his wedding to a mystery bride, he and Ted reminisce about Punchy’s wedding, including when Marshall and Lily announced they were having a baby. Robin considers telling Barney she has feelings for him. Meanwhile, when Marshall gets the job of his dreams, he worries that once the company discovers videos he made in the past, they may rescind the offer. And Ted can’t decide who to bring to the Architects Ball. 

Desperate Housewives begins its final season with a double episode 8:30pm Thursday February 2nd.

“Secrets that I Never Want to Know / Making the Connection.”

Susan, Gaby, Bree, Lynette and Carlos must dispose of the body of Gaby’s evil stepfather, but feelings of guilt begin to overcome them. As Lynette and Tom are grappling with their disintegrating marriage, a sexy, new neighbour moves to town and he’s Renee’s first order of business. Susan discovers a dangerously thrilling way to help ease her guilt over being an accessory to murder. Meanwhile, Bree learns an interesting tidbit about her new lover Detective Chuck’s past.

The last two Housewives episodes from the previous season will be replayed 12pm Thursday February 2nd.


  1. The other way round could work but think about this.If you don’t include 7 mates Family Guy/American Dad lineup on Mondays or whatever else exists on Pay or other Digital TV networks or the ABC/SBS offerings Your Competition consists of Procedurals over at Nine or Ten and who really watches what is essentially an older persons Winners and Losers/Sex and the City to start the week.I say Yay to Comedy Mondays

  2. I think Seven have made a big mistake not at least showing the first seven episodes of DH towards the end of the last ratings year like they did with parenthood.

    Now being so far behind the US, we will be two months behind them for the final ever episode so spoilers will definitely occur.

  3. It amazes me Seven didn’t bring back the ladies from Wisteria Lane considering this is the final season and the show is likely to get a lot of press (thus spoilers) come the May final.

  4. I guess it’s a strange time cause no doubt marry my boy will go on forever. but my question is where is Grey’s anatomy going to be. What day? That, revenge and parenthood are what i really want to know about.

  5. It would have been better the other way round – housewives back to its traditional night of Mondays and mother on Thursdays against the procedurals on nine and ten.

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