Returning: House, Jamie Cooks Summer

House returns with new episodes next week on TEN, at 8:30pm Friday January 20 following the premiere of Jamie Cooks Summer with Jamie Oliver at 7:30pm.

House and his team treat a teenage boy who requires a bone marrow transplant, and discover a disturbing family secret; House also schemes to get rid of his ankle monitor to go to a boxing match.

Meanwhile, The Graham Norton Show is already starting at later time in its second week, at 8:50pm. This is because it is sandwiched in between two movies, Night at the Museum and Volcano. This Saturday it kicks off at 8:30pm.

Whether the Norton audience will tolerate moving targets and commercials is a gamble for TEN.

And it might be summer but TEN is again dragging out The Devil Wears Prada again this Friday night. Seriously….

At least Sandra Bullock’s flick All About Steve is first-run this Wednesday night.

Updated: Jamie Cooks Summer is no longer scheduled for January 20 with the finale of It’s a Knockout now in its place.

House is now out.


  1. Graham Norton will not rate well on Saturday nights. It had below average ratings when it was on ABC-2
    The AFL on seven will blow graham out of the water.

  2. Armchair Analyst

    Network Ten is the crappiest network at the moment. I will not watch its saturday night line up it will get smashed when the AFL season comes around. Maybe Graham Norton is temp untill they get the NRL rights.

  3. I am a great fan of Graham Norton but his is definitely an adults only show.
    And if they are only going to show repeats from Ch 2 you can already get two episodes a week – original on Ch22 then repeat on Ch2.
    If Ch10 are serious about GN, they should wait until after the summer season then schedule a new series late on Saturday night…program it for those who will appreciate it.

  4. “Whether the Norton audience will tolerate moving targets and commercials is a gamble for TEN.” – The Best way to lose your audience, move a shows timeslot. So will it be on earlier or later next week, or at all? Evetually no one will care as they will have tuned out.

  5. Very disappointed with the timing. Its later slot on ABC1 worked better for me coming home from work, then the reruns on Mon and Thur on ABC2 were there if I missed out. With TEN we only get one slot, with no real regularity.

    Repeat it at 10:30pm/11:30pm on Sunday night instead of a movie? Or put it on at 9:30 Sunday night after Homeland?

    Nobody will want to sit through the last 10-30 minutes of a movie waiting for it on the offchance it actually starts at 8:30pm.

  6. Actually, the first ep (at least) of Graham Norton that TEN is broadcasting is rated PG, therefore they could screen it from 7:00 if they liked, however I feel that it should be shown at 7:30; what’s the point of scoring the rights if you’re going to screen it in a “movie” time-slot? It will receive more exposure being on earlier.

    Damn you TEN!

  7. Maev....Sydney

    Oh dear….why am I not surprised about Graham Norton…well done TEN….not!!!!!
    And @ Todd…..Have you ever watched the show?!?…..There is no way they could show it that early in the evening…..even 8.30PM, to my mind, is a bit of a push….as I have said before….Graham and guests get very ‘blue’ often….and many kiddies are still up at that hour…..especially on Saturday nights.

  8. Check the Ten 2012 programming thread. It has a link in the article to 2009 TEN programming lineup. That suggested “Monday 2nd February 2009 Devil Wears Prada [network premiere]”. TEN has since shown a lot of prada I’ve lost count. It must be someone inside TEN who likes to wear and buy Prada!

    As Night At The Museum is joining the list of re-re-re-re-re-runs! Its had so many airings since the 1st, I wonder when something like The Simpsons Movie is going to get that path! It’s close. And yes Norton should be at one time slot, and why two movies before hand. How can TEN supposedly show 1 hour and half of news, Movie, then Movie and then Norton. 6:30-8:00= Night At The Museum and then Volcano is 50 minutes?

    TEN has a new CEO who thinks “Depth”, only to “Deepen” the already boring and overdone lineup!

  9. You have P****D me of already TEN buy changing timeslots for Graham Norton & it has not even aired yet.
    I hope you have put more reception staff on as I will be bombarding your switchboard with PH calls.

    TEN stands for The Erratic Network.

  10. And Ten starts 2012 just how it ended 2011. With no idea what the hell they’re doing, no idea how to treat their audience and as a basket case. At least they’re consistently inconsistent. Tens’s new slogan = Seriously Unreliable

  11. House again being shown in a primetime position? You’ve got to be kidding me! How many times does it have to fail and be moved before someone at Ten realises they are flogging a dead horse. They should just let this show die a peaceful death and play out the episodes in some late night slot for those few people that are still watching it.

  12. Ha ha ha ha that is priceless. Devil wears Prada is on again. Someone at 10 must have shares in the re run royalities ….. lets see how many times this year it is played on 10.

  13. i don’t think the graham norton show is family friendly for a 6.30pm slot seeing as it airs in the UK after 10.30pm. i’ll be recording it as i wouldn’t be interested in watching any of the sandwiched movies. they’d be better of putting it on friday at 9.30pm and putting something british on at 8.30pm like law and order uk.

  14. Secret Squïrrel

    Ten, pull your head out of your ar$e before you kill Norton like Nine did with Top Gear. Sandwiched between two different movies each week – are you kidding?

    Someone settling in for a “night in at the movies” on Ten is not likely to want to have their viewing experience interrupted with a talk show. Have you learnt nothing from the Renovators-insertion debacle? Norton fans are not going to chase it up and down the schedule where it will clash with different viewing commitments from week to week. Not a f’g clue…

    @Todd – they can’t put Norton on that early without cutting chunks out of it.

  15. The House episodes are “catch-up” eps for VIC, SA and WA. NSW and QLD get a movie, “My Life In Ruins”. Expect new House episodes for all states to start on Feb 3.

  16. Not happy about The Graham Norton Show at all. I really enjoyed watching it on ABC2 and now TEN is ruining it before its even started. They better repeat it on ONE or ELEVEN at some stage like what the ABC do.

  17. If I was TEN I wouldn’t be crowing about that Sandra Bullock movie LOL While it’s nice to see Sandra in those red boots (I think they were red) the movie did win a Razzie.

    Guess that’s the reason it’s been shown before the ratings start.

  18. Repeating the same old movies ad-nauseum is not the way to improve ratings. The new marketing guy is going to have a hard job selling this kind of programming.

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