Santo, Sam and Ed get Seven fever

Another SBS show is headed to commercial telly, this time with Santo Cilauro, Sam Pang and Ed Kavalee.

Santo Cilauro, Sam Pang and Ed Kavalee will front a new Sports Fever! show for Seven.

The three who hosted a World Cup Fever series for SBS will host the weekly comedy show celebrating sport from Australia and around the world.

The humble Working Dog show aired lived in front of an intimate audience from ACMI at Federation Square. It was defiantly loose and worked due to the rapport of the hosts, without ever aiming too high.

But this marks yet another occasion when SBS loses a show to a commercial broadcaster.

Seven announced the Sports Fever! show would be hosted by Cilauro as part of its 2012 Programming Launch, but at the time Ed Kavalee was busy with Joy of Sets for Nine.

Seven has been hunting for local sports shows ever since losing The Bounce, with several media reports Before the Game was in their sights.

While Sports Fever! won’t stick exclusively to AFL, it may be just the ticket for a chilled out double act.

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  1. just letting you know that according to the ”Santo, Sam and Ed’s Sport Fever” facebook page, the show will now air on Monday night’s at 8.30pm on 7mate, then replayed on Seven at 10.30pm

  2. As we all know, SBS is way under funded by the Australian taxpayer. So having SBS lose programs is not entirely unexpected. Makes Federal Budget night in May (wher e SBS will know their funding levels for 2012-2015) is critical for the future viability of SBS or not. Only time will tell.

  3. @Melby – from my understanding of Eurovision rules, Eurovision must air on a non-commercial network in each country. Although I might be completelywrong!

    Also, I can’t stand Sam Peng on Eurovision! I really like having Australian commentators but they are so negative about every song.

  4. All these panel shows make me want the real The Panel show back…

    Although I agree… I’m the only one is isn’t a soccer fan in my household yet I did enjoy watching these guys doing their wrap ups each night..

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