1. I guess I will now miss Who Do You Think You Are? on Tuesdays . Bummer as I’d watch it on Sunday except when Doctor Who is on. They can’t repeat it (not against the 6pm News) ?

  2. Dateline once had an 8:30 Wednesday slot. That should be where it is now. Insight had and 8:30 Thursday and that’s were Insight should be. Otherwise we will have a big loss from the competition.

  3. I think they should have left Dateline on Sunday. I have a feeling they are scheduling things to fail so they can drop expensive news and current affairs that dont make them any money. Its the way SBS work now (they are like Telstra), which is a shame. Insight is a really mediocre show now because of the ads, it just doesn’t work with the constant interruptions. It is totally superseded by Q and A, which in its shorter life has become truly iconic Australian TV (I’ll take that as a comment etc). Dateline is terrific and its raw but investigative/obscure/adventure style makes it an outstanding program. If I get a wiff in the air that they are planning to dump it, i will complain like hell.

  4. A news and current affairs night on Tuesday is not a bad idea, but it means Insight will be trounced in the ratings by the likes of Packed to the Rafters (and Winners & Losers during the year), NCIS and whatever Nine puts in its schedule, in the 8.30pm timeslot.

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