Seven hits first week of 2012 over the ratings net

Seven and Nine's Primary channels may have tied in the first week of 2012, but coverage of the Brisbane International on 7TWO helped Seven to a win.

Seven Network has won the first week of the 2012 calendar year, after Nine’s two weeks of victory.

Seven won the “summer ratings” week with 28.4% over Nine 27.3%, TEN 18.9%, ABC 18.3% and SBS 7.1%.

Both Seven and Nine’s Primary channels tied on 18.4%, but Seven had a stronger performance in Multichannels where coverage of the Brisbane International lifted 7TWO.

Other Primary Channels were ABC1 on 13.4%, TEN 11.7% and SBS ONE 5.7%.

7TWO led Multichannels on 6.1% followed by GO! 5.0%, 7mate and GEM both on 3.9%, ELEVEN 3.8%, ONE 3.4%, ABC2 3.1%, SBS TWO 1.4%, ABC News 24 1.0% and ABC3 0.7%.

The top show of the week was Nine News on 1.2m viewers.

Nine again took victory in key demos 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54.

Seven was first on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday with Nine winning Wednesday and Thursday. ABC bettered TEN on Sunday, Wednesday, Friday and both tied for Saturday.

Seven won Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, with Nine victorious in Sydney and Melbourne.

There are 5 more weeks before the start of survey ratings.

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  1. @david Knox I think we’ll just have to agree to disagree, I understand ratings have a bearing in all countries but not all countries rely on them! We have long running programmes over here that do not blitz the ratings but we do not axe them! Programmes like eastenders have 11m viewers yet programmes that can’t compete with this do not get axed because of it.we are simply not obsessed if x factor gets more ratings than strictly come dancing because most people watch one and record the other!! Thus making the ratings system a little flawed!!

  2. The funny thing is Seven actually broadcasts the tennis in HD because Foxtel gets it from then and the overseas networks also get the HD feed yet Seven choses to give its local viewers crapOvision SD why hasn’t anyone ask why is this so !!

    1. TV has always been a numbers game regardless of what country it is on. ABC and SBS are public broadcasters but the rest are commercial entities and have shareholders to appease. Ratings indicate what the audience actually wants here, in the US, the UK and probably Botswana.

  3. My question would be will will One and 7Two be doing the tennis next year?Was watching 7Two with the tennis today to notice them going way overboard with there watermark.I don’t generally have a problem with them but today was a joke,put it back to where it was

  4. Ratings ratings ratings!!!!! The Australian tv system is obsessed by them!!!! It’s axed alot of good programmes because of it, how about you make your great home grown programmes instead of cheap American crap we all have to endure and care less about the bloody ratings!!!!!!

  5. Sure these are new numbers David, looks like 2011 all over again.

    HD – I agree, just like Nine should have the Cricket on GEM (as they promised) Seven should be using its HD channel for Tennis instead of re-runs of old non HD shows! At least TEN has the right idea with ONE, most of the time.

  6. tmorgan96 – well said – I think we need a clean sweep of ‘programmers’ – same ole same old Hugh Grant movies, Back to Future I,II,II,IV,V, etc You’ve Got Email, blah blah Tom/Meg over and over and over again year in year out; now they are mucking up 7two? Sack ’em I say!

  7. Same here. 7Two consistantly rates with its British shows so I thought it would make more sense to put the Tennis on 7Mate, so that both can rate really well.

    In other news, Ten 2% behind the ABC. LOL!

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