SKY News adds Darwin bureau, national bulletin from Perth.

SKY News has announced additional Presenters, expanded bulletins, a new Darwin bureau and Australia’s first national news bulletin to be presented from Perth.

Presenter Nina May joins First Edition, SKY’s 5:30am daily bulletin. Helen Dalley will also front National News Sunday.

Newsday, airs from 12 midday each weekday with three-and-a-half hours of news, to be hosted by Ashleigh Gillon in Perth and Celina Edmonds at SKY News Centre. This makes it the only national news bulletin to be hosted from the West Coast.

SKY also opens its first Darwin bureau in conjunction with NITV, with Daniel Bourchier as its Northern Territory correspondent.

Australia’s News Channel, continues to build on its reputation as Australia’s undisputed leader in 24-hour television, adding to its already stellar line-up of journalists in 2012.

A central part of the Australian media landscape; SKY News delivers news on the hour every hour and Live breaking news whenever it happens.

SKY News announces Nina May joins Leigh Hatcher along with Susanne Latimore and Terry Willesee for First Edition, Australia’s only breakfast news bulletin on air from 5.30am every day of the year.

Nina May brings a wealth of broadcasting experience, reporting and interviewing skills to First Edition upon her return from maternity leave.

May said: “The news that happens during those morning hours sets the agenda for the rest of the day. I’m really excited about being a part of breakfast television with its fast pace and constant breaking news.”

Hatcher said: “It’s great to be working with Nina on First Edition. There’s nothing like our news program on Australian breakfast television.”

SKY News’ commitment to national affairs journalism also sees the launch of Newsday – on air from 12 midday each weekday with three-and-a-half hours of live rolling news hosted by Ashleigh Gillon in Perth and Celina Edmonds at the SKY News Centre.

Gillon said: “News Day sets the pace as news breaks. I am excited to make the transition from Canberra to hosting this new Australia-wide program – it’s the first time national television has been anchored from the west coast.”

SKY News is committed to covering the country coast to coast, announcing the opening of its first Darwin bureau in conjunction with NITV (National Indigenous Television). SKY News Northern Territory correspondent, Daniel Bourchier, is an experienced top end reporter.

Unlike others SKY News has also invested in late night news 7 days a week and announces Sharon McKenzie as the new host of an expanded News Night.

SKY News also unveils a fresh approach to Sunday night news on national television with Helen Dalley hosting National News Sunday.

Dalley, who brings more than two decades of experience to the news desk said: “When it comes to live breaking news there is no better place to be than SKY News. Sundays are always big days for politics and I look forward to bringing together our unrivalled commitment to national affairs, to put it all in context and to look at how the week ahead will unfold.”

Dalley will continue to anchor Late Agenda on Mondays at 8.00pm.

SKY News Weekday programming line-up (All times listed in AEDT.):
5.30 – 9.30am First Edition; including AM Agenda at 8.30am
9.30am AM Sportsline
10.00 and 11.00am News Now
12.00 – 3.30pm News Day including Lunchtime Agenda at 1.30pm
4.00pm PM Agenda
5.00 – 8.00pm National News
8.00pm Late Agenda (Monday), The Showdown (Tuesday),
Richo (Wednesday), The Nation (Thursday), Contrarians (Friday)
9.00pm Paul Murray Live
10.00pm – 12.30am News Night including PM Sportsline at 10.30pm


  1. No one can seriously take sky news as a serious news service . This is just media hype. The reality. Its a b grade news service . . Seven and nine start their news at 5am and 5.30am so sky is not first in the morning . Sky has no resources ABC news 24 has more journalists reporters nation wide and overseas than sky has. Sky is totally reliant on its UK sister station for its news service and for channel nine and seven footage.with nine and seven footage it can not go to air. The leader in news i dont think so. Not even close.

  2. (stellar line-up of journalists in 2012)… what 4 reporters?
    (leader in 24-hour television)… last time I check ABC News 24 rated 3 time more

    (Australia’s only breakfast news bulletin on air from 5.30am every day of the year)
    um… channel 9 is on the air by 5am and channel 7 is also at 5.30?

  3. Quite right James – spin, spin, spin. Absolutely nothing tangible in the way of improving a news service. So it’s the first national bulletin to be presented from Perth! So what? If they did it from Hanging Rock, or Coober Pedy, or Chinchilla it would be just as meaningless. It’s a terrible news service which hasn’t shown any real initiative in years – just gradually getting more and more boring.

  4. @Kenny, no, its the other way round, as NITV pay SKY News, not SKY News paying anyone..
    As for a presenter in Perth, wow, still produced out of Sydney, with the talking head in Perth under durection from the North Ryde Sydney control room.
    And Sky News still not coast to coast, where is the talking head from Hobart?
    Expanded late night news, where? still only running to 12.30am AEDT according to the news release, thus meaning Perth viewers are still neglected from 9.30pm onwards during daylight saving in the East.
    Spin, Spin, Spin, Spin, and nothing else.

  5. “in conjunction with NITV”. I thought Sky News was part owned by Nine. Why wouldn’t Nine O&O NTD9 rent the one-man “bureau” a desk rather than pay NITV?

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