The Biggest Loser: Jan 23

TEN’s new season of The Biggest Loser will be doing its best to push the emotional buttons when it profiles its 16 contestants as singles who have never found love.

It’s a clever way of involving the audience into their personal stories. Who knows, there may even be some romance between teammates?

There’s also a surprise in store for them in the one hour premiere. And I don’t mean the pouring rain they have to stand in.

Series seven is a battle between the sexes and the ages – as Michelle Bridges leads the over 30 females, Tiffiny Hall ‘ninjas’ her way with the under 30 females, Shannan Ponton takes charge with the under 30 males and Commando ‘soldiers on’ with the over 30 males.

Australia’s most famous trainers have travelled across the country to surprise their contestants, spending a day in their lives – meeting their families and eating their food.

This year’s 16 contestants have one thing in common – they all want to find that special someone, but before they can love someone else, they must learn to love themselves. Until now, their obesity has held them back, both physically and mentally.

The epic challenges, tasty temptations and gripping contests are back, as well as the return of The Walk. And in a worldwide first, we weigh in the heaviest contestant in Biggest Loser history. and he’s not even 30 years old!

There’s no doubt the trainers have their work cut out for them, as they break down their contestants issues and re-build them into the people they want to be, all while dropping the kilos and to ultimately win the title of The Biggest Loser 2012.

7pm Monday on TEN