The Graham Norton Show: Jan 21

Heads up Madonna fans, she is on the couch for Graham Norton this week.

Madge has had a busy time lately, winning awards at the Golden Globes (and wasn’t Elton just peachy about that!).

But I guess she has a film to plug. She also has the Super Bowl to come next month.

Also appearing are Andrea Riseborough, James D’Arcy and Emeli Sandé.

8:30pm Saturday on TEN.


  1. I am slowly starting to warm to the show being on Ten. The ads were less of a bother last night. Let’s just hope Ten stays committed to it once the ratings season begins or at least moves it to a stable slot on Eleven rather than throwing it around the schedule

  2. Maev....Sydney

    @ jonno….Did not do a thing for me….I prefer when he has a few guests on the couch and they interact in their conversations….much more interesting….the two that came in towards the end….seem to be just there to say how wonderful Madonna was?!?……Madonna kept fidgeting on the couch and seemed to me like she wanted to be anywhere but where she was….just my observation.

  3. If TEN are going to keep sandwiching GN between 2 ancient movies, e.g. this week Dr Doolittle (1998) and Volcano (1997), a lot of people won’t bother. If they keep to the advertised starting time of 8.30 (Ha!), they’ll be doing either a lot of padding (Dr Dolittle runs 85 mins), or a lot of cutting, a favourite ploy in years gone past. It needs a much better lead-in than an old kid’s movie.

  4. I’d have thought that visitors to this site would have PVRs or Foxtel by now, if you don’t like ads get one and fast forward through them! I never watch commerical programs live anymore….

  5. Based on her Nightline and Graham Norton ratings it seems the world is hungry for Madonna. With the Globes win and the Superbowl next month it looks like M’s going to have a big 2012.

    Sidenote Riseborough is really enchanting, am looking forward to W.E.

  6. Aww warrigul you beat me to it re the ugly hands! Those of you whining about the ads just like to complain me thinks, as an avid GN fan I saw no problem with last weeks ep.

  7. Jezza (the first original one)

    C’mon ch10 this is your big chance of having a regular Sat night winner…….keep it stable and don’t stuff it around the schedule

  8. @Big V
    It was on at 9.30pm on ABC2. This show contains adult chat which is not appropriate for your kids anyway. I see Madonna is wearing those fingerless gloves to hide her old hands. You can get a face lift to look younger but you can’t do anything about old looking hands.

  9. I was surprised at how little the ads bothered me on Ten. Sure, it’s better with no ads – but it didn’t feel like much/anything was edited out – just a sharp drop to ads every 10 minutes or so.

    Good to see it available in the Ten iPhone app for catchup TV. Many of their international shows are available for catchup on the web, but not mobile. GNS is the exception.

  10. Just used the link to Ten – a much better way to watch Graham Norton – will be doing this in future instead of watching it on tv. I wonder how channel 10 can show it on their web site but ABC’s iview never did (or not allowed to?). Great to finally watch “Amy Pond” on the show – will miss her on Dr Who as a regular.

  11. Shame that Graham Norton is no longer on ABC1 & ABC2 – the adverts drove me insane last Saturday – in the end I could not wait for “Amy Pond” and switched over to Rock Wiz on SBS1 where at least the Adverts were shorter and less insane. I do hope that the show returns to ABC sometime in the future.

  12. So this means TEN are showing the program a week later, not 24 hours as has been claimed elsewhere?

    As Martin Kemp tweeted:

    “Graham Norton should of used that famous chair lever on Madonna last night….that would of livened her up a bit….”

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