Today show ready for new-look set

Nine's Today show will launch its new-look set on Monday morning.

Nine’s Today show will launch its new-look set on Monday morning, finally banishing what must be one of the worst sets on the box.

No more of those “egg-carton” flats behind the team? Hopefully. Poor Kerri-Anne got lumbered with those too.

On their Facebook page they are teasing 2 photos that don’t reveal much.

I’m hoping it might be a bit like the ‘deconstructed’ set for CBS This Morning. Very cool.

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  1. Well that set is the final straw!!! It is nothing short of woeful but the show has gone downhill over the last two years so giving away viewing it each day won’t seem to bad after seeing those shocking colours!!!!

  2. No need for a new set if Ben Fordham is still there. Knows zilch about sport. That arrogance is too much to take in the morning. He’s a mini Alan jones. To make it more watchable they need to eliminate jokes & emails that take up 80% of show. The set is bad, but the people & show itself, are worse..

  3. @Woody – as Smithers says – gimme gimme gimme i want it i want it i want it!!!!!

    About time the set was changed. But I think the only thing that works is a set which interacts with the viewers. Sunrise, or even the Today show in the US does that pretty well. Can’t agree with you David on the CBS set, looks like its filmed in a fireplace. The camera angles were horrid as well.

    One of the breakfast shows should move to melbourne and set up near federation square.

  4. And hopefully some new graphics as well!

    Speaking of graphics, anyone else think that Channel 7’s Tennis graphics seem to be a replica of Nine’s graphics from a few years ago (back when it had the box logo)? 7’s tennis graphics have a dark grey box, with small orange letters above, and bigger white letters below, and an orange line on top of the grey box. This is the same as Nine’s old graphics.

  5. I do believe they are doing this because of Ch10 having a Breakfast show. The set needed a change months and months ago as it is one of the worst sets in television. Would like to see the new set, but it won’t make me make the switch from sunrise.

  6. Long overdue. This should have been done years back when Lisa came on board. I have a feeling they’re finally doing this because of TEN entering the market no doubt with a fresh high tech set of their own.

    After what I saw this morning…I can’t agree with your take on ‘CBS This Morning’ though David. The round-table look of that set only gives the audience a good view of the back of guest speaker’s heads. It also divides the co-hosts too far apart.

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