Airdate: Local Produce

MTV Australia today kicks off Local Produce, showcasing one local artist each month, from Australia and New Zealand.

It begins with a behind-the-scenes experience with homegrown Hip Hop performer 360, his songs “Boys Like You”, “Killer” & “Child”, interviews and a tour of his hometown, Melbourne.

Melbourne-based emcee 360 has transcended the hip-hop genre with his game-changing album “Falling & Flying”. With three tracks featured in the 2011 Triple J Hottest 100 countdown and his current single “Boys Like You” roaring up the ARIA charts, 360 is a rarity; managing to maintain his indie credibility while enjoying mainstream success.

“I think it’s amazing, I think it’s really good that someone as big as MTV are doing something like this. Getting behind Australian acts and s***, I think it’s f***ing awesome. I’m all for that and I’m very grateful to be involved,” says 360.

Showcasing one local artist each month, Local Produce is a new initiative dedicated to the latest music from Australia and New Zealand. Aimed at supporting and championing local talent, Local Produce will bring you interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, galleries, music videos and an exclusive half-hour performance, available on-air and online for your viewing pleasure.

Sunday February 26 at 10pm (AEDT).

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