Airdate: The Real Graham Kennedy

This weekend ABC1 will air The Real Graham Kennedy, a documentary that was originally due to air in 2010 but didn’t.

This is produced by Bob Phillips, who has run the TV World memorabilia museum on the Mornington Peninsula with wife Judy Banks.

TV history will reveal that there were two Graham Kennedys – the funny, somewhat irreverent and controversial one who inhabited our living rooms for so many years – and the other, an intensely private, shy but affable man who talks for the first time in this brand new documentary tribute. He speaks about his childhood, the early days in radio and TV, and his thoughts on life, marriage and death.

His friends, colleagues, fellow performers, housekeeper and driver all talk about the real Graham Kennedy they knew. This documentary utilises rare footage not previously seen on Australian television with wonderful memories from Denise Drysdale, Rosemary Margan, Philip Brady, Stephen Curry, Mike McColl-Jones and many more.

This is not just another re-hashed TV special but a new, rare insight into the boy from Balaclava who became the undisputed ‘King of Australian Television’.

10pm Sunday February 5 ABC1.


  1. @ Stan, Graham Kennedy was on ABC Radio 3LO for a few months after being banished from the telly for the Crow Call Incident. His then radio producer was the recently retired ABC-TV continuity announcer Tony Featherstone.

  2. Oztvheritage(YouTube channel)

    Stan. Graham worked at ten in late 70’s hosting the hit game show blankety blanks and read the news on sevens mid morning news at 11am in the 80s He also hosted world of comedy on seven a weekly comedy clip show

  3. It’s a great doco. Interviews from his closest work colleagues and friends, especially seeing Ernie Carroll… and seeing archive home footage from his early years. This stuff hasn’t been shown on TV, so don’t expect a lot of IMT footage. Picked up the DVD for $10 at JB.

  4. @ Tony H. Remember that Curry Played Kennedy in “The King” back in 2007 and

    would have had to research this role with many sources. I think his addition is valid.

  5. Not that it matters after all these years, but this makes me wonder whether Graham Kennedy had any connection with ABC in the past. He only ever worked for Nine, yeah?

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