Airdate: The Sketch Show

ONE will add the now-defunct UK comedy The Sketch Show to its schedule from 7:30pm Friday 2nd March.

Described as “full of fast paced quirky, wacky, and ridiculous off the wall British humour” it aired on ITV between 2001 and 2004.

Curiously, the cast does include Australia’s Kitty Flanagan as part of its “second line-up.”

ONE will follow with Whose Line is it Anyway?


  1. Just wondering if ONE sent you amendment because this didn’t end up airing. Has it been moved or did ONE pull it from the schedule completely.

  2. This news made my day. Loved this skit show when it was on, and Kitty Flanagan is an added bonus. I really don’t get how people don’t find her funny…each to their own I guess.

  3. Not a bad show although I never saw it that often. I seem to recall it got shunted around the schedule a lot… as often happens. But have always remembered the sketch with the backing singers having trouble with the lyrics from California Dreaming. Well, I thought it was funny.

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