Airdate: Whitney Houston: Last Days of a Legend

Tomorrow night E! will present E! News Special: Whitney Houston: Last Days of a Legend.

Hosted by Giuliana Rancic, the special will chronicle the events leading up to and immediately following Houston’s death, as well as reflect upon her career and tumultuous personal life.

With insight and interviews from those who were at the Beverly Hilton and interacted with Houston during the pre-Grammy festivities, including E!’s Ken Baker and Mark Malkin, the special will offer viewers an account of her actions and whereabouts during the final days of her life. Singer Kelly Price, who was the last person to ever share a stage with Houston just last Thursday, and Ricky Minor, Houston’s long-time musical director, who was with her at that very concert, share with E! their impressions of the late singer. Viewers will also hear from Allison Samuels who was scheduled to interview the singer the day she died and had been waiting for her arrival when news broke. E! also shares exclusive footage of what is thought to be the last time Houston was ever caught on camera, when she stopped by an E! interview taking place in the hotel a mere 48 hours before her death.

The special will also take a look back at Houston’s illustrious career. In 1985 she released her debut album, “Whitney Houston” and the accolades and awards quickly followed. However, despite her prolific professional career, Houston had her demons and openly battled addiction. The outpouring of shock, sadness and love that has resulted from her passing further cements the immense impact she had on the music industry – and the world. This E! News Special will provide viewers with a 360 degree look at her fascinating life and honour the singer/mother/daughter/friend that left this world too soon.

February 17th at 11:00am AEDT on E!

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