Belinda Heggen quits TEN News Adelaide

TEN Adelaide newsreader Belinda Heggen (pictured, right) has quit the network, effective immediately.

The Advertiser reports she has quit because there are no longer dual presenter roles available on evening news.

TEN recently affirmed that Heggen would continue to be part of the local team, but declined to detail her role going forward.

The network recently reduced its evening bulletins from 90 to 60 minutes around the country, but the Advertiser notes Heggen was on leave at this time and chose to exit after learning there was no second presenting role available.

Heggen made headlines last year with her on-air joke to a sports presenter Mark Aiston about the size of his manhood. She later said she was just getting in first, because it was usually Aiston dropping the gags on-air.


  1. @JB – Corey Wingard no longer works at TEN. He decided to quit because TEN no longer had the rights to the AFL. Apart from Mark Aiston, you only have Ian Shuttleworth.

  2. Belinda’s a great talent and will be missed on Adelaide TV. Hope one of the other networks picks her up soon.

    Disagree about Mark Aiston – he’s a very good and knowledgable sports presenter.

  3. Rebecca Morse is better anyway, but George Donikian should never had left. They were a good pair. They really need to get rid of Mark Aiston though. Guys dropping gags that just aren’t funny. He ain’t professional at all just an embarrassment. They should give the sports role to Corey Wingard.

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