Biggest Loser contestant exits with $30k

22 year old Adelaide contestant James Moore walked from The Biggest Loser last night after being tempted with $30,000 in gold bullion.

Playing the Temptation game, James had to consume 1000 calories in order to take the prize and leave the show. His other option was to decline the gold and stay in the game, but have immunity.

But having lost his mother at 6 years old and his father at 13, Moore was looking for a financial break.

“I know that Shannan genuinely wanted me to continue in this competition, he cares about my well-being, he cares about the fact I am overweight and need help. I also didn’t want to let my team down,” he said.

“I really do appreciate my position here at The Biggest Loser, it really is a once in a lifetime opportunity and it’s something that I do cherish, but at the same time I needed to think about my life outside of here when it’s over. I can’t just think about my physical life, but I have to consider my financial life outside of Camp Biggest Loser.”

Meanwhile, after Shane won the power to bring ousted contestant Selena back into the game, she re-entered the contest.


  1. The practices on The Biggest Loser are unsustainable and unrealistic for the real world. Part of that money could be spent on a personal trainer. If so, it was a wise choice.

  2. James was always going to take the money, if he was playing the game he would have taken only 1 or 2 chocalates, like the lady did. Instead James pigged out and had more than his fair share,as he was desperate to win and keep the money.So good for him :). “Everyone has a price for the Million Dollar man” and James price was $30,000.

  3. Don’t watch this dreck, but well done young man!
    Use the money to get some proper professional weight management and get your life on track.
    It’s about time this show did some actual good – albeit accidentally…..

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