Bumped: Toasted TV, Totally Wild etc.

Scope TEN will make a number of changes to its childrens's line-up due when Breakfast launches.

TEN will make a number of changes to its childrens’s line-up due when Breakfast launches on Monday February 27th.

This is because C-classified programmes have been airing in the early morning timeslots and now need to move in order to create room for the new show, as well as meeting minimum quotas for C-classified content.

Toasted TV hosted by Seamus Evans and Kellyn Morris moves to ELEVEN from Monday February 27, now extended from 6am – 9am

Other changes are as follows:

Monday February 27
11:30am Whurrawhy

3:30pm Good Chef Bad Chef
4:00pm Totally Wild

Saturday March 3
7:00am Dex Hamilton (Rpt)
7:30am Pearlie (Rpt)
8:00am H20: Just Add Water (Rpt)
8:30am Totally Wild (Rpt)
9:00am Scope (Rpt)

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  1. The Only Thing Ten has to do now is go back to providing C rated shows like what we had in the seventies eighties and right through till 1996 for the 4:30 to 5pm lead in to the News.The Bold and the Beautiful is hardly suitable viewing after school for parents with school age but below legal working age kids.

  2. I’m glad they’ve just been ‘bumped’ and not ‘dumped’ – kids’ morning cartoons have gone from being the main game back in the 80s/90s to barely having a presence these days with Ten and GO being the last holdouts. Having Toasted TV on the 11 is a good move – right now the show only enjoys an hour of screentime (sandwiched between Ten’s Early News and Totally Wild). Be interesting to see what cartoons they screen with the extended time.

  3. @tomothyd The C/P shows aren’t moving to Eleven because it’s the only way Ten can meet the C/P quotas.

    As for Toasted TV, it’s the program which could impact Today/Sunrise ratings (alongside Breakfast), with the move to 3hrs on 11, head to head with the adult skewed competition, not to mention the fact that Eleven can have a PG rating all day, thereby widening the offer of what programs Toasted TV can actually air.

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