Castle update

From next week Castle will air twice a week on Seven, at 9:30pm Sundays and Tuesdays.

Just to really confuse you, there is also a repeat episode scheduled for 10:30pm Sundays.

9:30pm Tue Feb 21:
“Kick the Ballistics.”
While investigating the mysterious shooting death of a young woman, Castle and Beckett face a cop’s worst nightmare when they discover that the gun used in the killing is Det. Ryan’s old service weapon – the one that was stolen by the serial killer, 3XK. Now with the clock ticking, the team must work to solve the murder, track down 3XK and retrieve Ryan’s gun before the killer strikes again.


  1. I’m such an idiot, 9:30pm Tuesday is Parenthood’s time slot, what gives Seven?

    I just did a check and Seven are brining back Parenthood but in re-runs starting Friday’s.

    7TWO is airing Parenthood from the start at 1pm each week day. But I want the current season, they are some 10 eps behind the US now and I already have the first season on DVD.

  2. I like watching Castle and I might watch it on Tuesday. But I don’t think a good idea because I just might give it up. I guess it depends if there are interesting things on. I’ll admit for me Tuesday is often a dead night for TV . Unless there’s an interesting documentary on the ABC or SBS . Or the Book show.

    P.S. David you wrote January. Is there a time warp too? 😉

  3. To answer all of your questions the answer i believe is simple. Downton Abbey will return to Sundays after Easter and Seven need to play the episodes out or risk pulling them. Bones is only a short season this year so i feel that it will be held over like last year. Plus Seven are keeping their other good shows until after Easter it seems with Criminal Minds and Once Upon a Time to name a couple.

  4. If Castle is now going to be, Sun-new/old and Tues-new, for me, I think I will pass on it altogether, it’s good but not great, to invest 2 to 3hrs a week on it, is not worth it.
    I real-watch Homeland on Sun nights, so Sun nights will now be easier viewing, will just stop taping Castle-new on Sun nights.

  5. Are they trying to kill the show?

    Most people get into a pattern of watching shows at certain times, having something like this on 2 times a week and then throwing in a re-ran will just confuse most. I know the show mainly has stand alone stories but for fans they will be pissed if they miss any and this move will mean some will.

    IMO if they want a double show them together on Sunday, leave Tuesday for a re-run.

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