‘Dr. Evil’ draws 1.93m to Seven’s Kitchen

In Reality TV, casting is everything.

Viewers tuned in in droves to watch two My Kitchen Rules cooks get their come-uppance last night.

Queenslanders Peter and Gary (aka “Dr. Evil”) , who have boasted of their cooking skills to competitors, were slammed by their dinner-guests after waiting 3 hours for their main course. Seven was rewarded with 1.93m viewers as a result, easily the top show of the night.

Seven won another night with Seven News (just under 1.2m), Home and Away (1.04m), Today Tonight (1.03m), Please Marry My Boy (1.03m) all winning their timeslots. How I Met Your Mother was 569,000 / 437,000.

Nine News was best for Nine on 1.12m, then ACA 971,000, the excellent Sherlock 876,000, The Big Bang Theory 718,000 / 633,000.

The Biggest Loser topped TEN’s night on 712,000 then TEN News (627,000) and Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation (593,000), The Good Wife (563,000). The Project was 433,000 and an NCIS rpt sank to 276,000.

For ABC1 it was ABC News (856,000), 7:30 (605,000), Ab Fab (584,000), Gordon Street Tonight (498,000) and Outland just 210,000.

From Sydney to Tokyo By Any Means was best for SBS ONE on 175,000.

Neighbours topped multichannels on 285,000.

Sunrise: 379,000
Today: 367,000
ABC News Breakfast:  37,000 / 16,000

The Morning Show: 187,000
Mornings: 104,000
The Circle: 56,000

Wednesday 15 February 2012


  1. So how stuffed is Nine now? They rolled out 2 big dramas this week: Alcatraz and Sherlock – both lost to Seven. They even tried extra hard with Alcatraz by burning a couple of new Big Bang Theory eps to try and get the audience. What happens when new BBT runs out? They can’t afford a failure with their reality set otherwise they will be struggling this year and we are going to be seeing a heck of a lot of BBT reruns…

  2. @J Bar: at 1.93m, this is certainly an audience record for a regular episode of MKR. It is also the second-most watched episode in the series’ three-year history, surpassing the 1.71m set during last year’s grand final but lower than the 2.02m for the winner’s announcement.

  3. @Qubec. Seven have not danced ‘around the issue’ at all. The Team package, shown last night, certainly highlighted that they are in a relationship (for 21 year), and it is also covered in the Team profile online. Saying it in actual words to ‘promote diversity’ is not necessary as far as I am concerned.

    @Matt F When the first installment of S1 went to air in Oct 2010 (a Sunday evening) 1m viewers tuned in. Nine would have to be disappointed with last nights numbers.

  4. Does anyone else find it a little strange that not once has Seven said that Peter and Gary are a gay couple? While it’s alluded to they never once have said it. They’ve danced around the issue. Compare this to The Biggest Loser, which did say a contestant was gay. I don’t think it needs to be a big deal but why not promote diversity?

  5. Butterfly Carnage

    I love the boys (aka Dr Evil and Maxi Me) !! Their classics. At last contests who have blurred MKR with Survivor. The Good B*tch/Bad B*tch routine has me in stitches. And then last night with the french that even Manu couldn’t comprehend. Serves the other contestants right. Go get ’em boys.

  6. @MuchoTB Correct me if I’m wrong, but last night’s BBT was another repeat. The figures for the new episodes from Monday (1.5mil) and Tuesday (1.12mil) were still pretty good!
    I would think that 9 would be pleased that a re-run BBT beat first run Biggest Loser and TBYG…

  7. Really enjoyed MKR last night. Great for some good laughs at the expense of the overly confident guys. Was a little bit disappointed in Sherlock though. Just didnt seem as exciting as the first season. I will persist though. The numbers for HIMYM seem low but then they are only 20% down on BBT yet HIMYM was is a much worse time slot and up against Sherlock.

  8. @Matt F, I’ve chosen to buy the three Sherlock tele movies through iTunes rather than watch 9 butcher them with ad breaks, and to make sure my little guy and I can watch them together. I’d be guessing a few others are doing the same thing.

  9. I’m glad the BBT is sinking, I never found that show funny at all. It’s more or less four virgin nerds in a room making physics jokes and being socially awkward with the hot girl who lives next door to them.

    I enjoy HIMYM, The Office and 2.5 Men but couldn’t get into BBT at all

  10. Disappointed that Sherlock didn’t get pass the 1m mark, instead that PMMB beat it.
    I really wonder how intelligent Australian viewers really are. Probably that Sherlock was too intelligent for them… damn I love that show.

  11. @tomothyd
    i cannot believe you have that opinion. this is reality television gold!! brilliant episode. wouldn’t have been surprised if it pushed the 2m mark.

  12. I had to put up with this rubbish show while eating dinner because my housemate wanted to see it. I cannot beleive how bad this show is, with the constants dumb, pointless and boring narration about absolutely nothing of interest, and the way they dragged out the three hours the guests waited for their meals – it felt like three hours for me!! Just fade to black and cut to three hours later and let us know it was that long. And to make it worse the show finshed 11 mins late.
    Come Dine With Me is 100% better than this rubbish show.

  13. How do the numbers for How I Met Your Mother (569K) stack up to the numbers it did last year at a more friendly time slot? I love the show, but think 9.30 time slot could be doing some damage to it. Cheers

  14. Great to see karma biting Gary and Peter fair on the butt last night. Loving this series and the numbers keep getting better and better.

    I thought the drop in numbers for Masterchef last year might have been a sign that people were over cooking shows. Maybe they’re just over Masterchef.

  15. Bummer that Outland’s ratings are so low – it’s actually the funnies australian comedy in a long time!
    Loser’s ratings aren’t what they used to be but they haven’t dropped too much over the weeks so I expect the final stages to draw some decent numbers.

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