Excess Baggage trims on Tuesday

Seven won Tuesday night with My Kitchen Rules the #1 show for the second night in a row.

The cook-off pulled 1.46m viewers, down slightly from its 1.48m premiere. Seven led the night from 6pm with Home and Away (1.09m) still out in front of the weight-loss battle. The movie Holiday was 798,000.

Nine’s Excess Baggage lost ground on its second outing, down to 625,000 viewers and beaten by The Biggest Loser (712,000). That left Big Bang Theory repeats  (647,000 / 724,000) to try to rebuild. Two and a Half Men was 601,000. Sadly the new AACTA Awards averaged 314,000 across their late-night broadcast. It may have revamped on stage but it will take time to excite the audience.

Best for TEN was an NCIS repeat on 734,000 then TEN News (731,000) and The Biggest Loser. Bondi Vet returned to 631,000 and The Project was 489,000.

ABC News was second in its slot with 994,000 with 7:30 on 654,000. Cane Toads: The Conquest was 499,000 and Nigella Kitchen 488,000.

A repeat of Who Do You Think You Are? was best for SBS on 290,000.

Tuesday 31 January 2012


  1. Too much of the same reality drivel makes for dull viewing!!! Maybe nine should stop cancelling their dramas in favour of it!! Let’s face it the precious ratings aren’t exactly high!!! The only reason people watch this reality crap is because it’s on every channel!! Where’s the choice?????

  2. Yes, Nine has served up the first flop of the year.
    But FremantleMedia are equally accountable.

    They produced a second-rate blatant rip-off.

    Shame on FremantleMedia for resorting to cheap knock-offs, and Nine for buying into it.

  3. The first dog of the year is EB for sure. 9 would be relieved that they actually have the cricket on tonight and Friday to cover up the embarassment. It should only be 30 minutes at the most. Oh, and the over promotion of EB pretty much turned a lot of people off…….

  4. Armchair Analyst

    i preffer Excess Baggage to the Biggest Looser because the contestants acutally have a hope in hell in keeping up their training and good food habits. The lessons they learn there are more sustainable than on the biggest Looser thats the main reason why i will be watching Excess Baggage more than Looser.

  5. I knew it would flip the first time I heard about it. Nine won’t have any luck this year. Its all talk and no results. I am not surprised and with shows like Bones, Castle, Rafters, Revenge, Criminal Minds and Once Upon a Time to come for Seven in the next couple of weeks Nine don’t have a chance. I knew they wouldn’t. Nine are all talk no action.

  6. EB may have been more successful if it did not clash with the Biggest Loser but nowhere as strong as the Block. Nine would be best to trim to 1/2 hr weekdays and possibly move to Gem or Go. Time to bring the Block forward to go up against Home and Away and the Masterchef clone known as MKR. the cricket should give 9 a boost tonight. Two and a Half Men is brand new next week. Last night was a repeat. Doesn’t look to clash with new NCIS or Rafters though. Nine will benefit from the cricket on Sundays and Fridays but it needs a strong performance Mon-Thur to win the weeks ahead.

    Ten needs to promote during Super Sundays its other 6 days of entertainment. There is Magical Monday, Terrific Tuesday, Wonderful Wednesday, Tremendous Thursday, Fantastic Friday and Spectacular Saturday. The advertising might pull Ten up but it needs to have the quality content which it has but not enough of it.

  7. Ten news is soooo much better this way!
    Ten failed in the promotion of new bondi vet! The promo for the series in the first min of the show should have been the promo! Also why move it from it’s 8pm slot on thursdays! It did well on thursdays last yr but again Ten are trying to throw shows around and they can;t seem to keep show in the same slot! Ncis l.a shouldn;t be mondays! it should be 9.30 tue night! Also please get rid of that so called show hawaii 5 0! It sucks major, just piss it off to the mens channel 1
    Also Please Bring Back Ten Late News With Sandra Sully!! We miss her:( Also that would be 3.5 hrs bewteen news coverages and i’m sure stories will break.

  8. The first dog of the year.

    A great collaboration between the Network and the Production company that bought us the first dog of 2011 – Ben Elton, Live from Planet Earth!

  9. I try and avoid these stripped reality series, I haven’t watched a full episode of The Biggest Loser or Masterchef ever. But I sat down and TBL last night and it was actually really good – you can see why it’s popular and has rated well all these years

    I caught a few minutes of Excess Baggage during the ad breaks, can’t stand Kate Ceberano and her lame attempts at humour so flipped back rather quickly. I agree with KFed, seems like an inferior product. It will probably flail at 600k for the next few weeks before Nine finally stick a fork in it

  10. Well Celebrity Apprentice has been filming for a few weeks now.. Nine should dump EB quickly… but then that means there’s a chance The Block will have to go up against MC. Oh Nine.. what are you going to do??

  11. I was a bit critical on this blog yesterday about Excess Baggage but still had another look last night. I actually watched the whole show and have to admit to enjoying it. Obesity is close to being the biggest issue of our time and Excess Baggage is dealing with the issue a lot better than the others. The Biggest Loser gets obese people in their underwear and embarresses them and tries to strip the weight of as fast as possible just to make entertaining tv. Excess Baggage is taking more of a health orientation view. Excess Baggage could be a very important educational show, not just another reality show. It might not be as slick as the others but who cares as long as the message is right.

  12. when you hear the contestants say they have made the resturaunt on the them of garden of eden. you wonder if they would walk around seriving food nude

  13. Excess Baggage isn’t as slickly produced as Loser, or Celebrity Apprentice for that matter. It just seems a bit of a dog’s breakfast. I’ve started watching it both nights this week and have dipped out before it’s finished when I realised I was daydreaming rather than paying attention.

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