Excess Baggage update

Nine has made further changes to scheduling for Excess Baggage.

The weight-loss show was due to play until tomorrow on Nine but the last episode on Nine will air tonight.

On Thursday Nine now has The Big Bang Theory at 7pm and RBT at 7:30pm.

Last night the show pulled just 474,000 viewers. Smashed by My Kitchen Rules on 1.65m Nine’s evening share was 22.3%, well behind Seven’s 36.1% but still above TEN’s 20.5%.

The Biggest Loser managed 697,000.

Excess Baggage resumes 6:30pm Monday on GO!


  1. I find it a bit strange they left it until Thursday to pull it. Why not just let it play out for the rest of the week, make an announcement at the end of the show?

    It was obviously a last minute decision as the online TV guide showed 2 versions of what was playing at 7.00

  2. Channel 9 have already done a mini-spoiler for Celebrity Apprentice a couple of times now. Like when they showed The Hoff at the park and then having a few of the guys having a protest at one of the banks a few days ago.

  3. This is quite funny and doesn’t look good for Nine – you can’t commit to a strip 7pm format then dump it after 5 episodes. What happens if Big Brother fails? What if Season 2 of Celeb Apprentice bombs? What if BBT doesn’t rate at 7pm – to be fair its figures were amazing over summer without Loser and Home and Away but now shows are back can it still maintain 900k an episode when the show is repeated to death in every other slot.

  4. I don’t ever watch GO! but am wondering.. don’t they already have consistent programming in their 6.30pm time slot? Can’t imagine the fans of whatever is already airing at that time having their show/s bumped..

  5. I’d expect this would have to be the final year of Biggest Loser too, with those ratings its not financially viable to continue, its close to half of Home and Away’s audience.

    Baggage will probably need some voiceover updates if they stop after tonight and coming back next week for the “Tomorrow night on..” and “Next week on..” will be out of sync. Unless they have always gone with the simple “next time on..”

    I think it would have rated better if it wasnt for TBL coming back earlier than planned and in the 7pm slot.

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