FOX Sports hit by power outage

FOX Sports channels are currently screening ‘Unscheduled Programming’ due to a major power outage at its City West Centre in Pyrmont, Sydney.

SPEED and FUEL TV are also affected.

“We had a major power outage in the building so it’s obviously affected everything,” a FOX Sports spokesperson told TV Tonight.

FOX Sports is believed to be playing tapes via the Foxtel headquarters in North Ryde.

The channels group has around 400 staff on its payroll, many of whom have been sent home for the day.

“Essential staff are still in there but it became pretty evident we weren’t getting back in there for a while. I don’t think they expect it to be resolved immediately.”

The good news is it hasn’t affected Live cricket coverage of the Ryobi Cup which began broadcasting from Hobart at 2pm.


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