Gillard in damage control after Four Corners

Prime Minister Gillard has called on producers of ABC1’s Four Corners to produce evidence that her office staff had drafted a victory speech two weeks before she toppled former PM Kevin Rudd in July 2010.

Last night’s episode of Four Corners included an interview with Gillard in which she was grilled on whether she knew her office was plotting the downfall of Rudd.

But today Gillard told ABC radio that she had been invited to the ABC1 programme to speak about the government’s achievements since the 2007 election.

She said this morning that “no question, no television program, nothing” would ever change the facts that she made up her mind on the day she told Rudd of the challenge.

Four Corners pressed her on what she knew, when…

“I am not surprised that, whether it’s people in my office or people more broadly, in the government or the Labor Party, were casting their mind where circumstances might get to,” she told the programme.

But Four Corners pressed her to answer the question. Several times.

“I’ve given you the answer I’m going to give you,” she said.

In any television interview, the subject should always enter into a conversation when there is trust between the parties involved.

Rudd declined Four Corners’ requests last week.

Source: The Age


  1. So … if Rudd’s Labor cohorts give him the top job again, does this mean he would be given another $1.2m per annum slice of the superannuation pie..?. and Julia, of course, would get her $1.2m per annum golden handshake.

    Plus the other $1.2m per annum payouts for the other ex-PMs – Whitlam, Fraser, Hawke, Keating, Howard.

    “No GST”… “No Carbon Tax”…

    And the Mad Monk is waiting in the wings with no real intention in saving this country.

    50 years ago we wanted to change the world. for the better.

    What went wrong?

  2. She’s damned if she does, damned if she doesnt. Tony Rabbit isn’t much better than she is yet everyone thinks he is a saint. I hate both of them and the leaders we have in this country have no balls at all. Time to change both leaders and give us someone new on both sides of this boring parliament that is going no where.

  3. @Craig, from the polls Labor in Queensland is headed for a whitewash and it’ll be even worse Federally, unless there’s a miracle turnaround. Although I’m not sure how many people have realised that’d mean we have the Mad Monk for PM 🙂

  4. Don’t know whether she lacks judgement or has poor advisors (probably the latter after the Oz Day fiasco) but she should never have appeared on this program. This only adds to many people’s view that the PM lacks compassion, credibility, conviction and honesty.

  5. I’m not going to get into a debate over who is worse, Labor or the Libs they all lie, remember no GST?

    But right now Labor is on the nose, here in QLD they are likely to be voted out next month (does a little happy dance) and each day Gillard is fighting a loosing battle it will only be a matter of time before either Labor is gone or Julia looses the top job. Rudd is just sitting back and waiting for the axe to fall.

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