Hootabelle joins Giggle and Hoot

So anticipated was the identity of a new Kids TV character, that all imagery was under media embargo.

Yesterday Australian pre-schoolers were waiting with bated breath to learn the identity of ABC4Kids’ newest addition to Giggle and Hoot.

So anticipated was the identity of the new owl character, that all imagery was being kept under media embargo.

All this for an owl from the Purple Button Tree, Hootabelle.

Voiced and operated by actress Abi Tucker (Play School, McLeod’s Daughters), Hootabelle is believed to have met Hoot one very cloudy night when Hoot was on his Night Watch flight.

Early reports indicate it was so dark that Hoot couldn’t see where he was going and accidently bumped into Hootabelle.

After that Hootabelle started her Star Patrol to help Hoot see where he’s flying. Each night she flies into the sky to make sure all the stars are twinkling. She even twinklifies those pesky shooting stars which fly really fast.

Hoot and Giggle can be seen 6pm weeknights on ABC2.

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  1. Heh, I should have added that I reckon I’d want to shoot something after TWO years of the same stuff… ONE for us has me considering a firearms license.

  2. @ricoz I’m a bit twisted too, and after I posted that I thought… hmm, hope that wasn’t someone intelligent making a subtle pun or some such 🙂

    You’re not wrong about the repeated segments, we know many of them word for word, worst luck for us, but as our early childhood specialist said, the repetition and knowing what’s coming is exactly what the kids want and need at that age *sigh*

  3. @DaThomster sorry it’s just my dry sense of sarcastic humor. My toddlers were quite excited when they saw a new puppet. Mainly because they’ve show the same segments for the last 2 years. About time they had an update.

  4. Awesome, our 12 month old idolises Hoot and Jimmy Giggle, can never hurt to add another one to the brood!

    @ricoz Not sure what you mean, it’s a show aimed at toddlers, adding another puppet can rarely be a bad thing (nor can anything done by Abi Tucker for that matter *snigger*)!

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