1. Those PTTR numbers are still great numbers but isn’t it true that the longer a show is on air.. the more expensive it becomes to produce? Plus their tax rebate would be well and truly over by now.

  2. Rafters averaged 1.80 million for eps 1-6 of season 4 and then ave 1.62 for eps 7-15! The second part of S4 was when ratings started sliding as a result of both the interruption and change in direction without Rachel and newer characters.
    Hope that it picks up as the storyline improves hopefully

  3. I believe this will be the final year for Packed To The Rafters….with key actors “taking time off” the show will suffer. Regardless the magic in the show has evaporated….

  4. I know TG would not rate well with 2 hours but 500k must be a concern for Nine, and remember the normal show is about 90 min with ads so not a lot shorter. IMO Nine have once again killed a good show and it’s only a matter of time before TBBT re-run ratings start to suffer the same fate.

    Good on the Rafters for getting better number, seriously I don’t understand the point of a double ep when it’s not a 2 part story. The numbers for Castle seem low for it and the time slot, anyone remember what Parenthood was averaging last year? Maybe most thought it was a re-run as Sunday for the new ep got 831k. Seven please bring back the Braverman family!

  5. I have both this weeks and last weeks Rafters on the PVR, and I’ve seen about 1/2 hour of the first ep so far. I am just finding it a lot less interesting these days, and the mess of the scheduling last year didnt help retain my interest either. If I dont get the chance to catch up by the end of next week, I’ll probably drop this show.

  6. I would have watched (recorded) the second episode last week had I known it was on! It wasn’t until a ticker came up during the first episode saying ‘bonus new episode next’ that I knew it was a double.

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