1. Thanks for adding the Top Gear numbers, ouch 539k?

    How far the show has sunk, good going Nine. It might be up from last weeks special but still coming a close 3rd with a NCIS re-run. Can’t wait for their contract to be up so it can go back to SBS. Bet they can get it for a song now.

  2. Maev....Sydney

    RE: MKR…@ Trix and a few night back…Macca’s was the advertiser…and there were mentions of this brand and hamburgers, by the contestants during the show….when the meal failed…hmmm…
    @ Allie…..casting is an interesting word…although I enjoy the show…it appears to me to be more and more scripted to me…the camera just happens to be in the right place all the time…when someone makes a remark or pulls a face….even when all groups were together last night….the camera picked up contorted faces up the back…great camera work?!?
    If people are selected for a cooking show…you would expect they could cook…and would use well practiced, almost foolproof recipes…or is it the pressure of the 3 hour thing?!?!?

  3. Is now a good time to bring this up:
    “Today show on Nine. Far superior to Sunrise however we will give them both something to think about with Breakfast launching soon,” Mott said
    “thought about it for a millisecond, now moving bring out the wrecking balls” said 7 & 9……

  4. I had a look on the ratings page but couldn’t find much for Top Gear, how did it do over all?

    At even with over 1.5 million viewers for the Rafters Castle still couldn’t even manage half those numbers, so Parenthood should be safe in the time slot starting next week. WTF was Seven thinking wasting 2 new eps of Castle on Tuesday nights?

    BTW Am I the only one bored with the Rafters, only watch some of it last week, this week avoided it and watch the ABC instead.

  5. Not a bad night for Ten, NCIS and TBL did quite well compared to their recent numbers, and The Project over 500,000 for the second night in a row is promising.

  6. Wow, 7 can do no wrong.

    Has anyone else noticed the intrusive Samsung tablet TVCs popping up in MKR? It appears the program is resuming after an ad break, but there’s only 1 minute or so of footage then it cuts to the Samsung ad before going back to the program. What gives? David, I didn’t think TVCs were allowed to be broadcast singly, but in groups during a specific break?

  7. My Kitchen Rules is really going off this year. I thought it might see a slump in interest in its third season, like Masterchef had, but It has had an enormous audience from the get-go and it is only going to keep building. Would not surprise me if it has a 3M plus finale – it’s figures are already two-thirds of the way there going by last night’s numbers. This franchise is the equivalent of a goldmine, helped no end this year by exceptionally good casting. All the archetypes are there – the sweet natured Qld soldiers and NSW siblings, the hot young guys from SA, the ditzy glamourpusses from SA, the pathologically competitive couple from Vic and the Gary and Peter who are in a class of their own. I am in awe, they have got the mix of contestants so right.

    Watched PTR for the first time in ages last night. There’s a reason for its ratings slide – it is as naff as. I did not enjoy it at all, terrible episode. I note yet another family member of Dave has turned up out of the blue, a brother this time. We’ve had his Mum and Dad, assorted cousins and now a brother has cropped up. Talk about far-fetched. What next, long lost Siamese twins?

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