Nine News cameraman rescues missing boy

Nine News cameraman Glenn Edwards today swam across a fast-flowing creek to rescue a missing autistic boy in Melbourne’s north-west.

Edwards spotted 7 year old Ryan Pham, naked, on the edge of the Kororoit Creek. The boy had been visiting a family friend’s house in Albanvale about 7pm yesterday when storms struck the area.

The boy couldn’t swim and has difficulty communicating, but was in the water hanging onto reeds as the current dragged at him.

Earlier today reporter Rob Scott told 3AW, ‘‘He can’t swim and he was on the opposite side of this fast-flowing creek, Kororoit Creek. We tried our best to convince him not to swim across while I got on the phone to police and told them where we were.

‘‘He [Ryan] looked like he was about to swim across so my cameraman Glenn just jumped in the water and grabbed him and brought him across the other side and he’s sitting in the car with us now.’’

Police and the boy’s family were concerned for his welfare as he has autism and had difficulty communicating.

Source: The Age, Herald Sun


  1. I thought the same as dave. Surely the reporter could have held the camera. Even the camera man said that the boys head almost went under water. So there was little time to waste.
    And as for the reason he was in the water.
    Being a suffer of what some coin “high functioning autism” Water holds a certain fasination. For people with the condition.

  2. @camo Actually I did read the paper (online this morning) and none of the article I read had any answers to those questions I put.. as why I asked them. All it said was the kid was rescued by a camera man, not why the kid was there? how far away was this creek from the house he went missing from? was only on breakfast TV news this morning I found out this kid has a fascination with water.

    I wasn’t accusing anyone of anything.

  3. Andrew and Dave….let me say im curious as to your comments…. are you both alledging something untoward has gone on here…as is the tone of both your comments?? If you have ever set up a camera and tripod and set the shot to a wide angle as Glenn did…then not very much time at all…. and of course every camera op knows…if you are going to do something like Glenn has done…set up the camera and record in case something gowes wrong…now i know some journos can be boofheads…but im sure this journo was capable to pan a tripod… and Andrew…do yourself a favour and read a paper… get up to speed with a story before you come on here and say dopey comments like that…

  4. I’m confused, how did the child get there and naked? and why was there a camera crew there? what were they originally filming? this story? how far from the house he went missing is this creek? So many unanswered questions.

  5. ok im just curious of the timeframe here. the cameraman risked his own life in rescueing this boy and should be proud but just wondering how long it took after he setup the tripod and put on the camera and then got a few shots of this boy did he rescue him?

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