Oops. Sonia “Cruger” on Mornings

“It’s not Kruger with a C!” said Sonia Kruger this morning after she saw her name misspelled on screen during a ‘Fashion Police’ segment on Mornings.

A title had her down as ‘Sonia Cruger.’

Naturally, all she could really do was laugh it off.

“Welcome to the network,” laughed co-host David Campbell.

Yesterday the new show debuted to 104,000 against The Morning Show‘s 166,000, while The Circle just had a one-hour edition on 51,000 due to the Super Bowl coverage.


  1. It never ceases to amaze me how many spelling mistakes are missed before they make it to air on television networks.

    Channel 9’s Today Show recently had the on screen banner which incorrectly read ‘Fued’

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