Returning: Packed to the Rafters

Hit drama Packed to the Rafters is back with new episodes on Valentine’s Day.

It picks up from Season 4 Episode 16 “Second Chance.”

This year the cast are joined by Cameron Daddo and Brooke Satchwell, as the Rafters return with a wedding, new romances and family drama.

Daddo will make his return to Australian TV screens as newspaper editor Adam Goodman. Satchwell plays Rafter Electrical employee Frankie Calasso and “sparks fly” with Coby (Ryan Corr).

Also joining the cast this year are Jacob Allen as Dave’s brother Matt Jennings, and Samantha Tolj as Sian Parry, a new love interest.

A year on from Melissa’s death, Ben (Hugh Sheridan) decides to move forward with his friendship with Emma (Zoe Cramond). Could this be the year Ben allows himself to follow his heart and find happiness again?

After eloping last year, Carbo (George Houvardas) and Retta (Hannah Marshall) find their “secret wedding” a difficult secret to keep. With his parents arriving home to organise a big Greek wedding, will they go through with another ceremony to please the family?

Nathan (Angus McLaren) finds himself at a crossroads, with a stalled career and no love on the horizon – he has some big choices to make, which will affect the family.

This year, Ted (Michael Caton) faces a major health scare, which will bring the family closer together.

Jake (James Stewart), still missing Rachel (Jessica Marais), faces more drama, as his father re-appears.

And look out for a guest appearance from a Rafter favourite!

More family drama, more romance, more laughter – Rafters returns in 2012 for its biggest year yet.

Tuesday February 14, at 8.30pm.


  1. The charm of the “Rafters” was in the original casting. With Hugh Sheridan and Jessica Marais gone, and Angus McLaren likely on his way out (per recent spoilers), it would be nice if Channel 7 could let this show go out on a relative high after five seasons. But I won’t hold my breath.

    Does this show really need any more long-lost relatives turning up? The Jennings clan has been getting progressively more obnoxious- from Coby, to Tom to the latest, Bree. A new brother for Dave is overkill. And now we have Jake’s family turning up. I half expect Jack Thompson to be narrating all these family reunions. (It would be interesting, at least, for the Anglo-centric Rafter world if they cast an Asian actor as Jake’s father – given James Stewart’s real-life heritage)

  2. Seven are adamant they will show a full season in 2012 so I am guessing that is 22 episodes !!!!

    The balance of Season 4 (7 episodes) commences 14/2/12 and we see the final go to air March 27, 2012. No doubt we will then see PTTR go to a break as it will be Easter not long after that.

    So how may episodes of Season 5 will go to air for the rest of 2012? My opinion, the full Season needs to be aired, so please Channel 7, do not do what you did in 2011 i.e. cut it short.

  3. even though i don’t watch the show, i think its a shame that an australian drama that rates well is still treated so badly. im guessing they will play it in similar fashion to 2011 – finish off season 4, break, start season 5, and then stop mid season.

  4. I will watch the new eps of the ‘new season’ It is part 3 of Season 4. I think spreading a season over 18months is a bit riduculous! But I will watch it and then switch to Winners and Losers asas Network 7 will air eps 16-22 until March 27, where there will be a two week Easter break followed by Seaon 2 of W&L (I expect). Season 5 with Brook Satchwell will appeal to me!

  5. The new family additions are turning this show into neighbours, specifically the Robinsons. Which is a real shame because it used to be such an original show!

  6. The episodes are new and this is the start of the 2012 television season, so it seems fair enough to fudge definition of a season and call this a new season of Rafters. So part of it was shot as Season 4 and part as Season 5, so what? I don’t see what the big deal is about them choosing to show it this way. Now, if they showed old episodes and called it a new season, then fair enough, there would be valid cause for complaint. And timothy, as the show is about family, introducing new relatives ties in with the family nature of the show, and is a valid way to go given that original family members are leaving the show. From episode 1, it was clear Dave Rafter’s family were scattered, so their appearing now is consistent with the history and overall concept of the show.

  7. The “guest appearance from a Rafter favourite” will probably be a skype call from Rachel to Jake, or the family. I doubt she would be on set.
    There are too many new characters being added to the show, as good as it used to be there is only so much that can happen to one family, and bringing additional family memebers out of the woodwork isnt very original or interesting.

  8. Will Seven be coming this a ‘new season’ since a) we know it’s not and b) the have the first 11 eps of S4 on DVD already.

    So can we guess/hope/predict that Parenthood will follow the same night and pic up where it left off? FYI they only have 4 more eps for their shorter season in the US and while the ratings have been okay, generally wining the demo in it’s time slot there has been no official word on renewal for another season yet.

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