Returning: Sydney Weekender

Mike Whitney enters his 18th year as host of Seven's NSW travel show Sydney Weekender

New South Wales viewers will see local travel show Sydney Weekender back on screen this weekend as host Mike Whitney enters his 18th year as host.

Whitney began hosting Sydney Weekender in 1994, travelling across New South Wales to some of the state’s local destinations.

“You would think after 17 years of travelling I would have seen everything, but I am still amazed each week at how many new places we are still discovering,” he said.

“We have a fantastic team of research staff who are constantly on the lookout for accommodation, eateries and things to see and do in NSW. If it wasn’t for this hard working team, I would not have made it this far!”

Whitney, who previously appeared on Who Dares Wins and Gladiators will reach 750 episodes with Sydney Weekender in August.

5:30pm Saturday on Seven (Sydney).

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