Returning: The Amazing Race

Seven is set to fast-track the twentieth season of The Amazing Race.

It will air on a new night, 9:30pm Wednesdays from February 22nd, about two days after its US season launch.

The Amazing Race is back for its 20th sprint around the globe. Eleven teams will make first time visits to Paraguay, Azerbaijan and other exotic locations, travelling through five continents, 22 cities and covering nearly 65,000 kms.


  1. Those who say it clashes with something else are wrong. The Amazing Race doesn’t clash with anything cause it’s simply the best show on television.

  2. Not a good move by Seven as it clashes with Sherlock. I guess I’ll have to miss the first two episodes since I don’t have a PVR. I hope there will be some sort of repeat screening maybe on 7mate.

  3. That’s absolutely brilliant news! I remember in the early 00’s when Channel 7 used to play this show months after the U.S, in the middle of the night and move it on almost a weekly basis. It’s great to see it now gets the respect it deserves as it is, by far (in my opinion) the best reality type show on TV. Survivor is another favourite but visually it can’t compete with TAR. Being a traveller myself I love it when they go somewhere I’ve been, and enjoy seeing places I aspire to visit.

  4. I knew TAR20 would be fast tracked, but I did not believe it would happen so soon. The bad news is that the series won’t be shown in HD because it airs on the main channel, not 7mate.

  5. That’s great news, good on Seven for bringing the show so soon after the US. I hope it goes well for them.

    I know TAR isn’t the ratings winner it perhaps once was but it still kills it in the demos and I think a 9:30pm slot suits it.

    Channel Nine, your move with Survivor…

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