Rudd declines Four Corners interview

The ABC is staying tight-lipped about Monday night’s episode of Four Corners which has interviewed Julia Gillard.

Fairfax reports that Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd is refusing an interview request, while speculation continues about the Labor leadership.

Gillard supporters worry the episode will serve as a launching pad for Rudd’s ambitions while the Rudd camp fears a hatchet job.

Senator Arbib, who has been referred to as one of the “faceless men” of the party, said today that he had no interest in the program.

“Look, I have no idea what’s on the program,” he said. “I haven’t been interviewed . . . What I’m, doing is focusing on my job.

Former ABC presenter turned politician Maxine McKew, who lost her seat in 2010 after one term, is also reported as having declined an interview.

Sources say the producers have been scouring the mining sector for polling results that urged for Rudd to be dumped when he was at war with the mining sector over his proposed resources super-profits tax.

The program is due to air on Monday.


  1. Sigh…I am really sick and tired of the media “speculation” and “sources say” and “word is” waffle that is constantly flogged by the Canberra hacks on the Labor leadership. Stop listening to your LNP “sources” and report things of interest. Thanks for the warning. Guess it’ll be another channel at 8:30 Mon. next week.

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