Seven takes Tuesday

A Rafters / Kitchen Rules combo ensured Seven easily won Tuesday night.

The return of Packed to the Rafters together with My Kitchen Rules ensured Seven had a comfortable win on Tuesday night.

Rafters came back with a double episode of 1.44m and 1.25m, interestingly a long way behind the debut of Revenge (2.06m) the night before. Score one to the marketing department. MKR again topped the night on 1.53m viewers. Seven News (1.16m) and Today Tonight (1.11m) again won their slots along with Home and Away (981,000).

A new Big Bang Theory at 7:30pm was Nine’s best on 1.12m followed by Nine News (1.05m), the premiere of Two Broke Girls (984,000), ACA (858,000) then a Big Bang replay (773,000), and two new episodes of Two and a Half Men (695,000 / 642,000). The Hangover averaged 442,000.

A double new NCIS scored 973,000 and 964,000 for TEN then it was Biggest Loser (716,000) then TEN News (625,000), Bondi Vet (521,000), and The Project (479,000).

ABC News (871,000) led ABC1 then 7:30 (600,000), Foreign Correspondent (565,000), Shark Harbour (399,000). Genius was just 196,000.

A Who Do You Think You Are? episode -coincidentally replaying Magda Szubanski- on SBS ONE was 236,000. How Do You Mend a Broken Heart? was 182,000.

Neighbours topped Multichannels on 288,000. Excess Baggage was 95,000.

Sunrise: 402,000
Today: 327,000
ABC News Breakfast 48,000 / 18,000

The Morning Show: 177,000
Mornings: 111,000
The Circle: 55,000

Tuesday 14 February 2012

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  1. @Guy Seven will telecast the Coolmore Lightning Stakes Live on Saturday.

    Regular programming will be interrupted at about 4.05pm AEDT to cross Live to Flemington, with the race listed to start at 4.10pm AEDT.

  2. Omg Ten are screwing bondivet and bondi rescue!! Why can’t they just put bondi vet 8pm thursdays where we now see repeats and then 8p tuesday opens up for bondi rescue!! My god it’s so simple, david call david lol

  3. Well Rafters is down but it still dominated the night with MKR. Good to see Two and A Half Men below 700k. The show is utter trash. 2 Broke Girls could have got 1.2m-1.3m on Mondays but yet again Nine screws up.

    David on programming note do you know if Seven plan to cover the Lightning Stakes meeting this weekend at Flemington now Black Caviar is racing?

  4. Good to watch the Rafters last night. I know people take the piss out of it with all the young members leaving (or left) but watching it felt like putting on a favourite old jumper – nice and comfortable.

  5. I suspect the Nine executives are the ones with a hangover this morning, I knew it wouldn’t rate, at least new TG should have done better, as always we wait to see what next week will bring.

    Yes the 2.5 Men are on the way out, even in the US the ratings have dropped off after the highs of Ashton Kutcher joining the show, I think it will be it’s last year. TBBT is CBSs top sitcom right now beating AI for the 3rd week in a row last Thursday. Two Broke Girls did okay but Nine will probably shift it if the ratings slide next week.

    As for the Rafters, okay ratings but I suspect they would have been better if they just had one ep not 2. That said nothing else would get those numbers at 9:30, not even Castle next week.

    Wish NCIS did better, it was a true double ep and not 2 separate stories, but I wish TEN would move the LA version but to Tuesday’s.

    How long had SBS planned to run the Magda Szubanski WDYTYA? last night? Good timing.

  6. Unless 7 plans to tack S5 onto the current outing of PTTR, going by something I read, the show will be on for 6wks and gone again.
    Can 7 afford to keep putting the show on for little stints at a time only and retain ongoing viewers? I don’t watch it, but still, it seems a strange approach to take.

  7. Two and a Half Men didnt rate too well for new episodes, even a repeat TBBT beat it. I guess people are tired of it now, or don’t like Ashton Kutcher. I think the show still runs pretty well the same as before, cheap crude jokes, and jon cryer doing anythign for money.

  8. Seven well and truly own Tuesdays…

    David I know i’m being pedantic about the ratings but am just wondering if you have the figures for the Melb audience of The Circle?

    I know their largest share is in their home city. Thanks for including the national figures for Mornings as well..

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