Seven wins with Sunday Night

Sunday Night topped the evening with 1.51m viewers, but there are good results for most networks too.

Sunday Night topped the evening with 1.51m viewers, featuring an interview with Victoria Cross winner Ben Roberts-Smith.

Seven won the first night of the week thanks to Seven News (1.4)m, Border Security (1.15m), The Force (1.09m), Bones (1.07m) and Castle (811.000 / 524,000).

Nine, TEN and ABC all managed to score shows above the magic million.

Nine News (1.35m) led Nine followed by One Day Cricket (1.21m, 1.00m).

Three of TEN’s shows topped 1m viewers: New Girl (1.13m), Modern Family (1.08m) and Homeland (1.07m) which defied trends to lift its stock. Less successful was Young Talent Time now down to 632,000 and shedding numbers each week. A soft lead-in from The Project (323,000) is no help.  The return of House was just 360,000.

Midsomer Murders was strong on 1.01m, then Grand Designs (989,000) and ABC News (793,000). A repeat of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries was 289,000. The Last Race was just 169,000.

A History of Celtic Britain topped SBS ONE with 314,000, with The Code on 193,000 and World News Australia on 176,000.

ABC2’s Timmy Time (239,000) ranked first on multichannels.

Sunday 26 February 2012.

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  1. The project isnt working on sundays and either should be changed just for sundays or axe it.
    House should go straight to channel 1 and be 8.30 they have plenty of places to put it.
    channel 11 bombs on sundays and needs to be fixed now!
    Channel 1 also needs to be changed on sundays and should be hd movie night from 6.30pm every sunday

  2. Feel sorry for The Project, up around the 800,000-1,000,000 mark only 6 months ago, now languishing under 500,000 during the wee (and less on weekends).
    Seven have shown that stripping MKR Mon-Thu at 7:30 has been successful, although it is a stronger product than The Biggest Loser.

    Will be interesting to see Ten’s figures when Masterchef starts.
    I still believe Masterchef should be stripped at 7:30, not 7pm, however if Ten want to do it their way, why not have The Project at 8?

    7pm – Masterchef
    8pm – The Project

    I’m just throwing up ideas here, because clearly The Project is struggling!

  3. Oh dear, YTT is in trouble. I wonder how long will it be until it either climb back to a million viewer (if the cricket is not on it would have moved up a bit) or get bumped and moved to 6:30 Saturday to compete against Australia’s Funniest Home video which also achieves less than a million viewer but still airs. As for The Project I think it should be backed to only 5 nights a week instead.

  4. Watched SN for the first time in a while and it was good with the Fonz and Ben Roberts-Smith, I enjoyed both interviews. Wonder if 60min is kicking it’s self they couldn’t be on with the political situation, that will probably come later?

    Good on TEN with New Girl, Modern Family and Homeland all topping 1 million last night, Homeland just keeps getting better. Pity YTT or The Project aren’t doing better as lead-ins.

  5. Surely repeat Simpsons did better in the 6pm Sunday slot. Homeland picked up almost 300k viewers from last week, thats a big increase, and good news for TEN, they need all the help they can get, and it seems Sundays is their only chance. Last week I thought the show was slipping.
    I find it odd that repeats of Big Bang on Nine get around 800k-1m viewers, but on GO!, it only gets around 336k.

  6. First time I’ve watched Sunday Night this year and I must say, the episode was a cracker. I’d forgotten how great an interviewer Mike Willesee was, he really is a master. Compelling interview, very good indeed. By the way, am I imagining that he doesn’t appear to be aging? He barely looks to have aged a day since he was last regularly on the box over a decade ago. He looks fantastic. Also loved the profile on Henry Winkler and his battle with dyslexia. What a super likeable bloke he is. Where’s Mike Munro? Is he still with the show?

  7. The Project? Ahh there’s just no point having it on a Sunday. Please TEN return new episodes of Simpsons to 6pm Sundays.. or anything for that matter.

    Glad to see the double episodes a few weeks back hasn’t damaged the appeal of Homeland..

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