Sunday Night: Feb 26

On Sunday Night, Mike Willesee interviews Ben Roberts-Smith (pictured) who was awarded the Victoria Cross, and features a story on Henry ‘The Fonz’ Winkler.

In a Sunday Night exclusive, Australia’s war hero Ben Roberts-Smith talks for the first time about the details of the extraordinary mission in Afghanistan that led him to being awarded the Victoria Cross – the nation’s highest military honour. In an emotional interview, Ben talks about the struggle with leaving behind his loving wife and twin daughters to fight in a battle from which he might never return. In a gripping insight into the reality of frontline warfare, Ben opens up to Mike Willesee about the guilt he feels at being singled out for his courage, the best mate he lost in war, and the pain of being separated from his family. As one of only three living Australians to have won the Victoria Cross this is a remarkable story of the physical and emotional strength of an elite soldier prepared to die for his country.

Henry Winkler played the coolest guy on television. The Fonz was America’s most popular bachelor, but behind the smooth character, Winkler was battling a big secret – he was barely able to read his own Happy Day scripts. His talent for improvising on set hid his dyslexia from his co-stars, but now Winkler has turned author, speaking publically about the pain and humiliation of hiding his condition. He has written 18 children’s books and received an OBE from the Queen – and in this interview with Alex Cullen, reveals how his books are not only helping other kids, but helping him deal with his past.

Sunday February 26 at 6.30pm AEDT on Seven.


  1. @az j Part of a statement released by Seven in Nov 2011 may answer your question/s.

    “Chris Bath will go solo in hosting Seven’s current affairs flagship, Sunday Night, after Mike Munro reportedly requested to return to his working roots as a reporter.

    While the official line from the Seven Network and Mike Munro himself was his desire to go back on the road, co-hosts Chris Bath and Munro had been dogged by rumours of a clash.

    In a statement from Channel Seven released today, the show’s executive producer Mark Llewellyn said the move had been at Munro’s suggestion, who had been “keen to concentrate on reporting not hosting.”

    The rest of the statement can be found at the Herald Sun.

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