TEN confirms The Living Room

Amanda Keller, Chris Brown, Barry Du Bois and Miguel Maestre will appear on TEN's new Lifestyle show.

TEN has confirmed its new Lifestyle show The Living Room, as first revealed by TV Tonight.

Hosted by Amanda Keller (Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation, Beyond 2000), the co-presenters include Chris Brown (Bondi Vet), Barry Du Bois (The Renovators) and chef Miguel Maestre (Miguel’s Tropical Kitchen).

Described as “a must-watch mix of “engaging personalities, entertaining studio banter and riveting video segments” it will also feature a renovation segment for a viewer / home-owner.

Produced by WTFN (Bondi Vet, Bollywood Star, Keeping Up with the Joneses, Trishna & Krishna) the show is expected to air on Friday nights on TEN in 2012.

The show is one of two new projects announced by TEN at the weekend.

Chief Programming Officer David Mott said, “This new slate of commissions is part of the continued plan to reset our connection point with TEN’s viewers in 2012 and build a range of programs that thoroughly surprise and entertain across the genres.

Being Lara Bingle and The Living Room are the first of a series of programs we plan to introduce to this year‟s line up, deliberately developed to introduce a different more playful flavour to our schedule and one we are sure our audience will not only embrace but celebrate.”

TEN is yet to clarify the future for The Renovators despite announcing it at its 2012 Upfronts.

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  1. Being Lara Bingle will bomb for sure, given the scorn Australians hold her in. Have Ten commissioned no marketing studies for this one? Any market research company worth a brass razoo could tell them she is a polarising, unpopular public figure, perceived as being famous for no real reason. I’m surprised an FTA is investing resources in this, it is the sort of show more suited to You or the W Channels on Foxtel.

    With The Living Room being announced, I think we can take it as read that The Renovators won’t be returning. A pity, as it just needed some format tweaking. It was streets ahead of that horrendous The Block trash.

  2. im gunna take a stab and say the in studio bits will be like the white room and panic room challenges from the renovators.

    its a shame they didnt include the rest of the renovators team considering the renovators probably isnt coming back now… such a bummer, whole family thought it was a great show, just needed a few tweaks and shed the hated kept by audiences for interrupting masterchef, and i think it would be a hit, and besides, it was 10x better than that block rubbish.

  3. I agree about Miguel. He’s okay for occasional guest appearances on shows such as the Circle, but week after week of his “look at how exotic and charming I am” shtick would get old fast, and I can barely understand a word he says.

  4. Robyn was on The Circle a few weeks back. They said she was the new design expert or something like that.

    I’ll have to see Tee how The Living Room works. At the moment I don’t get what Chris Brown involvement, pet problems. I like Baz, he has the experience.


  5. I’d rather watch The Renovators. Was a good show, better than The Block. It’s just needs some renovations to the format and it’d be perfect.

    That said, pretty good casting for The Living Room. Bet their hoping Miguel has the same appeal as Manu.

    Lara Bingle go away, no one cares about you. 15 minutes are over. Hope this tanks for Ten.

  6. Being Lara Bingle will be gone after one week, two at best. There is no way I’ll be watching.

    Hopefully The Living Room works well, but not sure how it will work with ‘in-studio’ segments, I cant think of any lifestyle show which does in-studio these days. Even Don Burke dropped that very early on in his show and stayed outdoors, adn that was in the 1980’s.

  7. Damn! Robyn Holt (along with Peter Ho) made the Renovators watchable. Barry the builder was incredibly patronising and he had that annoying and verbal tick of making a statement to a contestant and then saying “Yeah?”. Moronic.

  8. I predict Being Lara Bingle will only last two weeks, tops, so I’d hardly call that a great commissioning call by Ten. If she was still with Michael Clarke, the show would probably be of some interest, but she is no longer with Clarkie, so her 15 minutes was up ages ago. She’s yesterday’s news. Next.

    The Living Room sounds like it has legs, though, as lifestyle shows are popular on Friday nights and they have a good mix of personalities here. I’d love to see Robyn Holt back on the box doing a decorating segment on the show. Her taste in interior decor is divine and she is great onscreen. Love Miguel, he is fantastic, a really charismatic celeb chef. The other three are great as well, Ten may be on a winner with this one.

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