TEN misses Gillard live into Qld, SA, WA.

Scrambling Breakfast to air was always going to be ambitious for TEN, four days ahead of schedule.

With the news landscape changing minute by minute, everybody was surely flying by the seat of their pants -both cast and crew.

But it was the right decision given the day’s news.

TEN also extended Breakfast to 10:20am to accommodate Julia Gillard’s press conference.

But it missed bringing Gillard live to viewers in Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.

Seven, Nine and ABC News 24 all showed the Rudd and Gillard conferences live into other states.

A TEN Spokesperson acknowledged the time delay in three states and said Gillard’s conference was now available on its website.

“Ordinarily it would be the case (playing it live) however given the unusual circumstances this morning, we were a little stretched.”


  1. @Ann – “Gillard was 50 minutes late and that caused havoc”. Dear me. How thoughtless of the PM! However – 7, 9 and ABC could do it, but too much “havoc” for someone at TEN to press a button.

  2. It could be just me, but i find it ridiculous that these shows aren’t live throughout the whole year no matter what state you live in. The way our shows run live into 2 states all year round but other states have to put up with delayed stuff all year. Networks who do the afternoon news is a joke because it isn’t live everywhere but still have live on the graphics.

  3. This morning, Friday, Ch10 in regional Qld delayed the Rudd conference from the airport, which meant they had Live in pink and Recorded Earlier in blue next to each other in the top left corner of the screen.

  4. harrypotter1994

    Why didn’t they just cut to the press conference and then return to normal programming…im sure thats what they would of done if was still childrens programming

  5. I just wanted to say I was very impressed by Ch10’s Breakfast.

    The hosts worked well (which suprised me!) I am a fan of Henry but the others impressed me more than i expected.

    The set is a little tacky – like the chest and scooter in the background. I get it they are trying to be a bit edgy but as the song says ‘is this all there is?”

    The look and graphics are fresh and very nice on the eye in the morning (unlike Today’s)

    For a debut i give it a really good rating.

    I think this is going to grow and I predict it can beat Today – as for sunrise – dont think so because it has been a staple for many viewers for years and patterns dont break easily!

    Look forward to seeing your review David!

  6. It does get annoying that WA misses out on shows broadcast from the Eastern States. But saying that I prefer to watch ABCNews24 for breaking news as I know its live and in my view of good quality.

  7. This frustrates me about ten. they seem to be convinced that premieres don’t matter and that audiences will keep giving shows 2nd, 3rd, 4th chances. while in an ideal world that would happen they need to get their head out of their ass and get into reality. shows like this do not grow, they need to put everything they have into a premiere and hit the ground running. none of this “we’ll just tweak it as we go and see what happens” attitude.

    If they couldn’t get a fully functioning episode to air this morning then they should have waited until Monday. making excuses day 1 isnt a good look.

  8. In this day and age I am surprised that this cannot be done! 7 & 9 have also failed to deliver live crosses in the past! Remember Today show repeats after live crosses!!

    To all networks daylight savings has been around for years! Perhaps have contingency plans in place!
    I don’t like daylight savings because non Vic & NSW states are treated as second class citizens!!
    I know the US airs shows at the same time across different time zones….

  9. I don’t think they failed given how they rushed the show to get it on air earlier than planned they did a good job, and I’m sure it will get better. So people in those states had to switch to one of 3 other channels for the live feed. I’m sure in hindsight they should have started QLD at 5am and ran it live with DLS time and does likewise for the other states.

    But everyone was caught on the hope with this fast breaking news.

  10. “given the unusual circumstances this morning, we were a little stretched”. And all of the other stations weren’t?
    “Network”-ism fails again. Real people in Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane, rather than machines, would have never let this happen. Cost-cutting cut too deep?

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