WA team exits My Kitchen Rules

Western Australia’s Emma Donnelly and Andrew Paton are the first team to be eliminated on My Kitchen Rules 2012.

After outspoken Queensland couple Peter and Gary scored 69 points the Perth pair were left sitting at the bottom of the ladder with 42 points.

Final scores were:

Simon & Meg (New Zealand) 77 points
Megan & Andy (Tasmania) 75 points
Peter & Gary (Queensland) 69 points
David & Scott (Queensland) 56 points
Thomas & Carla (Victoria) 49 points
Emma & Andrew (Western Australia) 42 points

“It’s been up, it’s been down,” Donnelly said. “It’s been fun but it was too short. We laughed a lot and met some awesome cooks.”

Paton added: “We ate and learnt a lot. We did something only a handful of people in Australia get to do. We wouldn’t take it back for anything.”

With the instant kitchen round now concluded, teams embark on a series of challenges around Australia, starting in the Blue Mountains, and the MKR headquarters in Sydney.


  1. Butterfly Carnage

    I know they were scientists but did they have to cook using beakers? Their not the only ones. When Gary (the Doctor) trusses a duck or a chook it looks like by-pass surgery and seems to take longer! Next we’ll get Jennifer (the yeah girl) because she’s a princess/fashion victim bashing her next curry paste with her Manolo’s so we’re reminded that she’s into fashion. It’s all a bit sad and obvious.

  2. Maev....Sydney

    These guys are scientist…at the beginning of their cook off…to buy time…Emma did a little molecular gastronomy thing that was not on the menu…it was a total hit….why did they not stick to this line….they would have walked it in…

  3. Quite a shame. They seemed so genuine and nice and better cooks than other teams
    I get that voting like this increases the drama but it really just leads to bad cooks being left in and strategy taking over from cooking skill. They should either do it like Come Dine With Me, where the audience finds out the score but not the contestants. Or like the American version of Four Weddings where the other contestants rank the other players and that ranking is then assigned a score.

  4. Butterfly Carnage

    It was great to see Peter & Gary get through. I do believe that they are playing a fair but (perhaps overly) confident game. However Tom & Carla really aught to have a look at themselves. Surely there must be rules about coersion & haressment of other contestants? It’s one thing to make your position known or to take a stand, or even to work in a self interested way in a competition; but Tom’s behaviour in particular has gone way beyond this. Who oversees the integrity of the “game”? Are there any rules? Or is this show: “My Kitchen It’s up for Grabs do Whatever you Want”?

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