Zombies set to attack Sydney, Melbourne.

Brain-hungry zombies will be wandering around Sydney’s Martin Place and Melbourne’s Federation Square tomorrow in search of victims… and possibly to promote the fact that The Walking Dead begins on FX soon.

6:45am to 2:00pm Wednesday February 8th.

The zombie cage is strong, but once lunchtime hits and Zombie appetites grow it will be time to escape. Having spent all morning in the cages the zombies will be angry – and hungry – by the time they moan and claw their out from 1:30pm.

Once they escape it’s up to you to find them… and win some awesome Walking Dead prizes! Clues will be leaked through http://twitter.com/FXTVAU and any brave soul who hunts the zombie own will win a prize.

BYO baseball bat.


  1. The shows production volumes made it unrealistic for any network in this country to fast track, with only 6 Epps in the first run and a 10 month break to the second season which itself is only 7 Epps long in its first stage.
    The states start the second half of the second season tonight but it really hasn’t done itself any favours with scheduling.
    After these next 6 that end in March there is another 6 month wait to the start of the 3rd season,makes it hard to fall in love with, although I do l really like it.

  2. I am addicted to this show. The Walking Dead is awesome i’m half way through the 2nd season, finally a Mature/Adult Zombie Movie with a great storyline. I was in Auckland a few weeks back and stumbled accross and bought The Walking Dead season 1 on Blu Ray at JB HI FI for $35 Kiwi. Its’s not being released here in Australia till March which is a downer. I Highly recommend the Walking Dead.

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