$100,000 is nothing to crow about

You would think giving away $100,000 would be something to crow about.

After all, it’s the same cash prize that MasterChef Australia and Celebrity Apprentice gave away last year.

Last night Nine gave away $100k to its winners of Excess Baggage (half to charity, half to a contestant) on GO! -but it hasn’t sent out the standard Press Release, which is what other networks do after that kind of finale.

In fact, it’s the fourth time Nine has had a big cash giveaway with nary a whisper.

Finales for homeMADE ($100,000), Top Design ($100,000) and Australia’s Perfect Couple ($210,000) also went unnoticed by Publicity.

By comparison, TEN did issue a Release after The Renovators finale, which also gave away $100,000.


  1. Secret Squirrel

    I just think that the Nine Network is the worst in terms of sending out information about their programs. Whether it’s media releases, program updates, or simple engagement with their dwindling audience, they are abyssmal.

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