Adam Hills to host mass Same-Sex TV wedding

Adam Hills will make history when he hosts Australia’s first ever ‘Mass Same-Sex TV Wedding’ later this month.

The event is in response to Hills asking his audience “If you were Prime Minister for a day, what law would you change/introduce?” which resulted in legalising same-sex marriage as the most popular response.

One audience member proposed to her girlfriend on the show, resulting in Hills offering to throw them a ‘Same-Sex TV Wedding.’

“Same-sex couples may not be able legally marry in Australia yet, but they sure as hell can have a great big TV wedding,” says Adam.

So far 20 couples have already registered to join in.

Adam says, “If you’re a gay man, and you want to TV marry your male partner, you’re invited. If you’re a lesbian woman who wants to TV marry your female partner, you’re invited. If you’re transgender or bisexual and want to marry your same sex partner, you’re invited. If you’re a gay man who wants to marry a lesbian woman – well, bizarrely enough that is already legal, so you don’t really need us.”

UK comedian Stephen Fry has sent a video message of support.

“What’s so wonderful is the spirit of Australians. They won’t be told. They won’t be told. And I think if you belong to a minority, and one of which you’re proud, and one that some people in the rest of the world think you should be burned for, it’s important to stand up,” he said.


Adam Ant will also make a return appearance with his band.

Couples can still register for the episode, which airs on Wednesday March 28th, by emailing their details to [email protected]

Last year Conan O’Brien hosted a same-sex wedding for one of his crew, which resulted in a GLAAD Media Award nomination.


  1. Bogues, the show doesn’t rate. 12 episodes is probably 8 too many.

    I liked the first few episodes of series 1 of the show, but it has gone done hill ever since.

    These stunts that appeal to the minority won’t really help the show in the long run.

  2. jezza the first original one

    Well I think Ch7 need to do a gay episode of “Please Marry My Boy” and then balance it out with a ‘Please Marry My Girl” lesbian one otherwise they could be stuffed in the ratings. This AH show will go one of 2 ways, either a smart, intelligent, solemn celebration of marriage or or a camp, over the top frivolous insult to marriage. This is an opportunity for the participants to show the wider (largely non G/L) community they are serious about this, the best way to do that is avoid the fluffy crap. As for Stephen Fry, he has considerable intellect and rarely disappoints on TV, a good role model for many regardless of sexuality.

  3. I can’t believe that ABC aren’t giving AHiGST more episodes this year, considering S&S is no longer on. This show is great, and 12 eps won’t be enough.

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