Airdate: Great Barrier Reef

Nine will begin its new documentary series Great Barrier Reef from Sunday week.

Nine is a co-producer of the three part series, in conjunction with the BBC.

This aired in the UK in January. In Australia it will be narrated by Karl Stefanovic.

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is an icon, one of the natural wonders of the world and the largest living structure on our planet.

The acclaimed three-part series, Great Barrier Reef, narrated by Today’s Karl Stefanovic, offers a definitive, in depth portrait of this biological miracle on our doorstep.

From the ground-breaking BBC Natural History unit (Earthflight, Frozen Planet), this fascinating series explores the full 2000 kilometre length of the Great Barrier Reef, capturing all the magic from its immense scale to the most intimate detail.

Cutting edge underwater macro and digital time-lapse photography provide new perspectives on this natural wonder.

Episode one features the greatest wildlife wreck on the planet – the SS Yongala, a cruise ship that sunk in 1911, killing 240 people. It is now the home to a spectacular collection of marine life.

Great Barrier Reef showcases this unique underwater world as it has never been seen before, revealing its stunning beauty and surprising secrets.

Sunday, March 11, at 6.30pm on Nine.


  1. I agree with HeBeGeeBee – Karl Stefanovic’s voiceover ruined a beautiful doco. It would be much better on ABC with no ads and the sound off!

  2. Yet another fantastic BBC production ruined just like Earthflight by pathetic Australian voice overs and ridiculous inane dialogue. Does it work out cheaper doing it this way ? Thank God we could watch Frozen Planet with David Attenborough narrating. Cant watch it any longer, turned it off !

  3. Secret Squirrel

    I think that we’re only going to see more of the current Gold Logie Champion cropping up as Nine raises his profile to assist him to step up and defend his title.

  4. I agree David, but it will be interesting to see how the Monty Halls (marine biologist) parts, seen on screen many times, works in Karl Stefanovic (journalist) doing the voice over. I do understand part of this is the UK version is targeted at UK viewers and some part will be changed to suit local viewers. That said it might have been fun to see Karl in scuba gear LOL

  5. What I don’t get is in the original Monty Halls not only narrates but also is seen on camera presenting the 3 parts. So did Nine have Karl Stefanovic do the same then edited in those scenes and redo the voice over? Seems like a lot of work when it probably won’t make that much difference to the ratings.

    Guess well find out Sunday week.

    • Unlike other BBC docos, Nine is a co-producer of this one, so in that sense they’re entitled to produce it as they please. Normally I am critical of revoicing BBC docos, but investing money does entitle you to editorial decisions even if we’re not that taken by the ones they make.

  6. I hope Nine don’t ruin it with ads like they did Frozen Planet, but that’s a fool’s hope I guess! Also it would be nice to see it in HD, so hopefully people are right and it will be screened on GEM later.

    I agree Craig; I still wish it was on the ABC.

  7. @ David Knox: Can you please post here if you notice this on the schedule for GEM within the next few weeks? (or if anyone else does). Would look much better in HD.

  8. What I find amazing is even thought Nine was involved in this in the UK they aired it in January, and I guess the only reason Nine didn’t fast track this like Frozen Planet was the ratings system.

    Still wish the ABC had this one even though Nine is likely to put it on GEM in the coming weeks.

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