Airdate: NRL Highlights Show

FOX SPORTS will launch a new weekly NRL program NRL Highlights Show tonight (Tuesday 6 March) presented by Ryan Phelan.

FOX SPORTS viewers can tune in at 10.30pm tonight and 8.30pm tomorrow night to relive the most memorable moments from the closest opening round in NRL history.

Highlighted by two golden-point matches and a heart-stopping victory by the Roosters over arch rivals the Rabbitohs last night, the premiere episode will provide unmissable viewing for any NRL fan.

10:30pm tonight FOX Sports 2 /2HD.


  1. Matthew Johns is a moron. Who died and made him king of everything and everyone? NRL on Fox and Monday Night Football are a waste of time now. I am ready to cancel my subscription to Fox as NRL is why I got it in the first place.

  2. I agree, Johns and co have wrecked Monday night football. I refuse to watch this weak presentation now. Bring back the old crew who were tremendous.

  3. Great news about the NRL highlights show & it was good …
    Gorden Tallis
    Mark Gasnier
    Michael Ennis

    Need to go from MNF they almost put me to sleep.

  4. They definitely need Ryan Phelan back hosting Monday Night Football. Last night the pre-game show was terrible. Also bring back Wayne Pearce and Gary Freeman.

  5. Agreed wwenrl

    Mark Gasnier is boring and offers nothing imo. Fox have really stuffed it. It was only a couple of years ago it won an ASTRA award for Monday night footy. Why change something that was doing so well?

  6. And yesterday’s Monday Night Shows were the worst in Fox Sports History! not to blame Matthew Johns he was ok but you need Ryan Phelan as the Main Host and Mathew Johns as a regular panel Member like i posted before and Yeah i agree with MJL the Big Mistake you did there Fox Sports is you didn’t even cover the Press Conference that’s one of the main things Monday Night Football was Good. Last Year was the Best Ever i didn’t even get bored once but yesterday was Boring!!!!!

    And get rid of Mark Gasnier and Michael Ennis they don’t know anything what there talking about

    Mark Gasnier is a good reporter put him in one of the Super Saturday Games or Sunday Games as the Sideline Reporter. But get rid of Michael Ennis Completely what is he doing there Anyway!!!!

  7. Yes!!!!! Ryan Phelan is the Best!! Thank You Fox Sports. Now your thinking, about time his Hosting an NRL Show. Now the next step is put him back in the Monday Night as the Main Host. This is who you should have on the Monday Night Panel:

    1 Ryan Phelan (Main Host)
    2 Matthew Johns (Co-Host)
    3 Gorden Tallis
    4 Mark Geyer and
    5 Gary Freeman

    See that’s another problem and where the Hell!!! is Gary Freeman his the Funniest out of All of them put together. Where the Hell!! is He Anyway!!!

  8. They should bring back Ryan Phelan for the Monday night football and NRL on Fox.

    Both shows are muc worse this year. Previously the Monday night football was breat but last night it was shortened by half an hour and didn’t even show the coaches interviews.

    Pick up your act Fox. You’ve already axed NRL shows left, rught and centre and now they’re ruining the few they still have.

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