Airdate: Pictures of You, Property Ladder.

New shows will unroll on Seven following a two hour finale for My Kitchen Rules next Tuesday.

New shows will unroll on Seven following a two hour finale for My Kitchen Rules on 7:30pm Tuesday March 27 (no Rafters on this night).

9:30pm Pictures of You
A new interview-style series where well-known personalities open up their childhood photo albums and share personal stories from their formative years. Hosted in front of a live studio audience by Brian Nankervis.

On Wednesday March 28 there is a one hour Border Security at 7:30pm and the following night  Property Ladder premieres with two eps at 7:30pm.

Property Ladder
“Balcombe / Hertford”
Follow amateur developers as they renovate their properties in the hope of making a profit. Hosted by Sarah Beeny.

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  1. So it’s the UK version of Property Ladder you get. To be honest it went downhill as soon as they switched to two houses a week rather than one – meaning you got half the story of both rather than all the ups and downs of one.

  2. Was at the taping of episode 1 of Pictures Of You, it was quite good.
    Shane Jacobsen (Kenny) and Ahn Do (comedian) were the two featured.
    I would assume that Seven will move this one to a 7:30pm slot after Easter – we all know how many 7:30pm slots they’ll have to fill up with MKR gone!

  3. I thought Rafters was going to be shown uninterrupted!! Another broken promise by Network 7. This seems to imply it will now be off until after Easter! The MKR finale could have aired another night!!

  4. finally MKR will finish and we can have differing programs on in the 7:30pm slot weeknights! I used to be a fan of Biggest Loser, then a fan of The Renovators, but being on every night in extending timeslots just made it boring and offered less programming choices. Atleast with Big Brother TEN only had it on at 7pm and it was a great lead in to other content (hopefully NINE do the same).

  5. I am a huge Property Ladder and Sara Beeny fan, but what is Seven thinking? Property Ladder finished a few years ago, so these episodes are very old now if they are starting from the beginning. Plus for those who have/had Foxtel know that LifeStyle used to repeat this show so often to the point its had its run in Australia to many times.
    Expect to see this move to 7TWO the following week.

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