Aussie newcomer cast in US pilot

Sydney's Meegan Warner has been cast in US pilot Beauty & the Beast -but wait there are two pilots with the same name.

At just 20 years of age and a handful roles to her name, Sydney actress Meegan Warner has the opportunity of a lifetime -cast in US pilot Beauty and the Beast.

Warner, who trained at Screenwise Film & TV School for Actors, has been cast in the role of ‘Elizabeth’ in the ABC pilot alongside F. Murray Abraham, fellow Aussie Chris Egan, Darlus Campbell, Ruth Bradley and Monique Cumen.

In Australia she has had roles in Paper Giants, My Place, Rescue Special Ops and Beyond the Darklands.

But making life doubly confusing -there are two pilots named Beauty and the Beast with the CW remaking the 1980s series with actor Jay Ryan.

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  1. Someone in the Deadline comment section noted all the actors playing Beauty and the Beast (title characters ) including in Once Upon a Time are all “non-Americans” or foreigners. And there’s usually an Australian or New Zealand connection. Plus British and Canadian ones as well. They weren’t happy though some did defend them. I wish them all well. Including any Americans that may be in work. I also hope they’ll be worth watching and get picked up if so.

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