Biggest Loser booze-up delays production

Spoilers: Double standards or not?

Less than 3 weeks after  an episode booting a contestant for binge drinking, Biggest Loser trainers were boozing it up and causing production delays on location.

The Sunday Herald Sun reports a shoot taking place in Switzerland was delayed after trainers Shannan Ponton, Michelle Bridges, Tiffiny Hall and Steve “The Commando” Willis had an afternoon drinking session out on the town.

Although Hall does not drink, the foursome missed a safety message session, despite the tight, week-long production schedule.

Producers were reportedly unable to have a sensible conversation with the other three when they finally returned to their Swiss hotel late at night.

Ironically, this year trainers kicked out contestant Luke Stephens in February for being drunk in The Biggest Loser camp, but perhaps it’s not the same rules for them.

A Channel 10 spokesperson blamed a transport mix-up for the trainers missing the original timeslot.

The incident follows the show booting 26 year old Luke Stephens after using alcohol during a contestant celebrations.

“We don’t have alcohol at Camp Biggest Loser. But Luke was slurring his words,” Shannon Ponton said at the time. “He was stumbling. He appeared to be drunk. I literally couldn’t believe my eyes. Way more than just a couple of drinks. Losing control.

“The rules are simple – you can’t get drunk at Camp Biggest Loser.


  1. chasingvegas

    This show is so much better without Shannon. Sorry he’s a very good trainer but the Commando is finally getting the airtime he deserves!!

  2. @kev you can absolutely let your hair down without the need to get drunk. However they’re overseas probably having a good time and things just got the better of them. This is such a non story these guys are perfectly fit, eat and train healthy all the time the trainers have never said they don’t act like this itnis about moderation!

  3. This isn’t double standards at all. The amount of crap these healthy trainers put up with they deserve a break and a bit of a booze. There is a difference, one group is losing weight and the others are fit and healthy.

  4. I can’t believe the contestants get to go to Switzerland. How nice.

    I was surprised by this story and thought someone like Michelle wouldnt do it. Im not surpried by the other two. But they are professional trainers who for them is probably a once off thing.

    Luke was different. He was there to lose weight and he had issues with the grog before he went in.

  5. If nothing else it’s an interesting commentary on the prominent place alcohol occupies in society these days. Ryaneco, surely it should be possible to “let their hair down” without getting so drunk they can’t manage a sensible conversation?

  6. The contestants aren’t allowed alcohol because they have lots of weight to lose. However the trainers deserve alcohol for putting up with the contestants whining

  7. Maybe a double standard but the trainers display discipline in their everyday lives and should be able to let their hair down.
    Luke was a contestant in running for a prize whilst I think the whole ordeal was over the top rules are rules unfortunately. And the trainers are not in the running for a prize.
    Good to see that they can let their hair down.
    PS when is Shannon coming back??

  8. Nah not double standards i think cause for 1 they wern’t @ camp biggest loser and 2nd they are trainers, healthy and fit and look after themselves where as the contestants shouldnt touch a drop while in the house trying to lose weight.

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